One Woman, One Vote Essay Sample

9 September 2017

What does the term “We Demand” refer to?
“We Demand” was women’s base for their rights despite preconceived impressions that adult females have no demand to be involved in political relations. It was the concluding straw for adult females and they were willing to make all in their power to be enfranchised. Rather than brood on the what they couldn’t do. the suffragists moved frontward and did all in their power to accomplish their rights. They decided their attempts were worth more than any adversity that they would meet. Women would no longer stand for the male population to ignore their right over themselves but their right as dwellers of the United States. They decided non to stand for the unequal intervention any longer and were willing to contend for it.

Who attended the parade in Washington D. C. ? Who did non? Why?
Inez Milholland and Lucy Burns led the great adult female right to vote parade with more than 5. 000 marchers. It was organized by Alice Paul for the National American Woman Suffrage Association and grabbed attending for the right to vote motion. Another noteworthy leader in attending was Ida Wells-Barnett. a black adult female suffragist who led coloured suffragists in the parade. It is besides of import that there were adult females who didn’t back up the right to vote motion. The National Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage led by Mrs. Arthur Dodge included affluent. influential adult females who did non desire to free white domination nor acquire involved in such political relations. Least of all did they desire to be associated with the black suffragists at the clip.

One Woman, One Vote Essay Sample Essay Example

What function did the constabulary and the jurisprudence drama. in the success or deficiency of success. in the women’s motion?
While the constabulary made the physical adversities of extremist suffragists harder. it besides helped make an image for the suffragist that they needed. With the rough intervention from the constabulary. people began to back up the suffragists and began to detect them. Rather than harshly direct them off. people began to back up the suffragists and chastised the authorities and constabulary for non protecting adult females when they were defenseless. Reporters wrote several articles uncovering the rough intervention of adult females who were detained and made strong advocators like Alice Paul into heroes irrespective of the population that was against affranchising adult females.

What was one of the most exciting occupations to hold within the motion? Why?
A woman’s topographic point was at place taking attention of her family’s domestic demands. There were really few adult females who could go and see a universe outside their family duties. Womans were attracted to going strong advocators and talkers and organisers of right to vote organisations so that they could see the universe outside their closed off universe in the house. The adult females who were organisers of the right to vote motion were able to go and run into new people and venture into new environments. They enjoyed the new chances available to them. the freedom that came with their journeys.

What was Catt’s influence? What did she make?
Catt grew up disputing the manner work forces viewed her. She sought for a higher instruction despite her father’s resistance and decided that she can command her ain life. It was in Mason City were Carrie Chapman Catt foremost became active in the women’s rights campaign. Her success in occupations normally reserved for work forces convinced her that since adult females could make the work of work forces. adult females should besides hold the right to vote. She was brave. intelligent and faced ridicule by people who believed a woman’s topographic point was in the place. As a immature widow she began talking and working for women’s right to vote. She joined the Iowa Woman’s Suffrage Association. She replaced Susan B. Anthony in 1900 as the president of National American Woman Suffrage Association and served in the place for four old ages. In 1915 she became president of the national association for the 2nd clip. During this clip Catt led the run for women’s right to vote with a federal amendment to the U. S. Constitution. As an organiser and a strategian she turned the National American Woman Suffrage Association from slackly run local organisations into a tightly knit political machine. Carrie Chapman Catt’s leading kept the cause of women’s right to vote alive through her Hagiographas and addresss.

“Resistance to tyranny is obeisance to God. ” . What does this quotation mark mean?
The tribunal asked Anthony if she had anything to state before the sentence of her test was to be read. Anthony responded that she had a great many things to state. and declared that in her test every rule of justness had been violated. She argued that every right had been denied and that she had had no test by her equals. Anthony went on to state that the tribunal and jurymans were her political higher-ups and non her equals. and announced her finding to go on her labours until equality was obtained. She found that her test was an illustration of the authoritiess tyranny and decided that her mission for women’s rights were fueled by a higher power and should non be ignored.

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