6 June 2017

Shopping Aficionado Gone Wrong There are copious amounts of detrimental factors such as perfectionism, the need to fill an inner void, and the impulsive pressure to seek excitement that lead up to one of the most common disorders, oniomania. The word onios means “for sale” in Greek, while “mania” means insanity. Oniomania is the psychiatric term for shopaholism. Other words for this term include compulsive shopping or buying and shopping addiction. Most causes for compulsive shopping are psychological damages and should be treated immediately. Avoiding the issue can cause difficulties with finances and relationships.

Shopping addicts sometimes have a hard time to stop spending. There are many penalties for compulsive buying, which usually continue long after a binge. Compusive buying can be devastating to relationships, marriages, Jobs, family, and friends. Other problems can incorporate crumbling credit history, robbery, bankruptcy, and much more. These negative effects usually worsen a person oniomania due to the fact that they are already struggling from emotional issues.

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One of the most common reasons for why people suffer from shopaholism is perfectionism. Perfectionism is the belief of trying to achieve the best.

Even though this might not sound destructive, there are always unhealthy forms of perfectionism. Some people struggle with insecurities, which triggers them to shop and try to be that so called “perfect” image that they see in their mind. These types of people also have the desire to be approved by society. Others who struggle with this issue usually have overly high expectations of themselves, which can sometimes lead to anxiety. For example, if a Vanessa’s friend has shoes that are over $200, Vanessa may feel the need to buy something for the same amount or more so she doesn’t feel like a disappointment.

For example, if a Vanessa’s friend has shoes that are over $200, Vanessa may feel the need to buy something for the same amount or more so she doesn’t feel like a disappointment. Characteristics of unhealthy perfectionism include frequently setting goals and not accomplishing them, regularly competing to be the best in order to not feel like a letdown, having a mindset of believing that making mistakes can be calamitous, and thinking that there aren’t enough strategies to be successful. These types of thoughts and actions can lead up to compulsive buying.

Shopping addicts also struggle with the feeling of emptiness. Having an inner void is nother reason people turn to compulsive buying. Death, corrupt relationships, and awful childhoods can cause one to feel incomplete. When Michael was younger, his parents never bought him anything. They were extremely malicious and uncaring. Therefore this affected Michael as and adult and instigated his shopping addiction. The fact that Michael wasn’t loved and treated with compassion in his younger days, prompted him to find happiness through spending abundant amounts of money on things he doesn’t even need.

The addict obtains to make purchases to help them cope with life, and strong anxiety is felt in the deficiency of their addictive ctivity. Death has the same effect on people as well. Losing someone to death is like losing something you have had for years. Once you lose someone, it’s hard to replace tnem ana takes wee Ks turnlng to montns ana proDaDly even years to get over. Havlng a hole in your heart is a psychological issue and materialistic things won’t improve this situation. Everyone wants excitement in life, often some can’t even handle a single minute of negative feelings.

All humans endure negative vibes at some point in their life. But compulsive buyers can stand it. If a shopping addict is suffering from nxiety, boredom, stress, or if theyre miserable, they usually find an opportunity to make purchases. Shopping fanatics can undergo a high or euphoric feeling from neurological chemicals when they buy things. The momentary spike in dopamine and other neurotransmitters trigger the brain to view shopping as a satisfying experience and emphasizes recurrence of this hobby.

Compulsive buyers often forget that the joy they are feeling is only temporary and negative vibes always come back. These people do not understand the fact that life can have flaws as well. Not everything has to be delightful and faultless. Everyone has to experience both good and bad things in life. There are always different ways to exert the negative energy out of you besides spending money. Individuals can always try to find another hobby. One can also have a trusted friend who will watch over what is bought and when purchases are made so people don’t over spend or buy unnecessary things out of impulse.

Jennifer loves a fast life with nothing but good vibes. She despises the feeling of negativity around her or feeling bored. Jennifer’s first choice was to go out and splurge her savings, which isn’t healthy at all. She should take a friend with her Just n case to watch over what she is spending. If Jennifer happens to spend all her money, she would be at risk of creating more problems such as bankruptcy, relationship problem and much more. Several thing need to be taken into consideration when it comes to compulsive buying.

Societal circumstances also have an imperative role in oniomania, the rise of purchaser urbanity contributes to the view of compulsive purchasing as a particularly modern addiction. Easily obtainable credit cards allow spontaneous spending outside someone’s incomes, and some would imply that the obsessive consumer should get rid of credit cards all together. Online spending also enables oniomania, with online auction addiction, used to escape feelings of depression or guilt, becoming an identifiable setback.

In conclusion, there are much more causes of an addiction to shopping than one could imagine. Compulsive shopping is usually caused by psychological problems. Shopping addicts undergo issues such as the pressure to be perfect, the need to fill an inner void, and the lack of excitement. All three of these aspects result in oniomania. People who suffer form oniomania should never lose hope. There are always different strategies that someone can try to avoid temptations. It is always ital to speak to a professional about these problems to be treated.

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