Online Exam System Ciss

10 October 2016

Figure 1 shows the different stages of the FDD that were undertaken to realize the analysis, design and development of the proposed system. These stages are “Develop an Overall Model”, “Build a Features list”, “Plan by Feature”, “and Design by Feature” and “Build by Feature”. Figure 1 The Feature Driven Development Model [pic] Develop an overall model. This stage entailed the activities in identifying the existing processes in conducting the entrance examination of the Philippine Military Academy. In this stage, stakeholders of the proposed system were interviewed, while related documents and studies were also studied.

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The processes of the existing management of the entrance examination were presented through flowcharts. Build a feature list. This stage helped the researcher in discovering and identifying the different features of the proposed Entrance Examination System of the Philippine Military Academy. The features were then used to identify the boundary of the study. The Use Case Diagram was utilized to support this stage. Plan by feature. It was the stage that allowed the researchers to classify the different features that were earlier identified.

Groupings of the identified features were used to recognize the modules and subsystems that were designed and developed incrementally. Design by feature and build by feature are the stages that were incremented until the desired system output was achieved. In this stage, the stakeholders of the system determine the validity of each increment output. Design by feature. The design by feature stage determined the necessary flow in developing the different features based on their classifications. This specifically organized the development of the modules and subsystems based on the previous stage.

Build by feature. The build by feature stage developed the system based on the module and subsystems classification and design. Data Gathering Techniques In order to afford this study with its needed resource materials, the following data gathering techniques are employed by the researchers. Interview. In this study, interview was conducted to different PMA staffs to collect detailed information about their experiences and impressions about the entrance examination and to obtain feedback about the processes and multiple perspectives on outcomes from the stakeholders.

Library Method. This method involves gathering resource materials through books, journals and previous manuscripts. The developers read the articles and entries from books, magazines, and periodicals to enhance knowledge base on the project. Internet Research. This involves browsing and using references made available from the internet that is readily accessible reference materials, providing insights on building an entrance examination system, its structures and design and the contents needed. Sources of Data

Thorough discussions of the processes in relation to the functions of the entrance examination were provided. Additional information was derived from manuals of electronic components such as the profile, history, traditions and general information of the Philippine Military Academy which were taken from their official website at www. pma. com. ph. As supplementary information, thesis books were also used as essential references. A mention of reports that maybe generated which are considered important to the entrance examination such as statistical reports were also discussed. Software Development Tools

The following are the software development tools that were used to design and develop the Online Entrance Examination System: Notepad++. This was used as a text editor for encoding and editing codes in developing the system. Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Adobe Fireworks CS5. These photo editing softwares were used in creating and editing images for the interface designs of the system. MySQL. This was used as the preliminary database server of the system. It acts as the storage of related input data like the questions, choices and others. Apache Server. This was the preliminary HTTP server.

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