Online Examination System

1 January 2017

The purpose of on-line test simulator is to take online test in an efficient manner for various branches/semesters/courses at the same time and no time wasting for checking the paper. The main objective of on-line test simulator is to efficiently evaluate the candidate thoroughly through a fully automated system that not only saves lot of time but also gives fast results. It is targeted at removing all the paper work in the examination process. The system is designed by keeping future in mind so that it can be used in any educational institutions as well as in corporate World with little changes.

It saves a lot of time as it allows number of students/trainees to give the exam at a time and displays the results as the test gets over, so no need to wait for the result. Administrator has a privilege to add new teachers and students to the test papers. User can register, login and give the test with his specific id, and can see the results as well. This software can be used anywhere any time as it is a web based application (user Location doesn’t matter). No restriction is there that examiner has to be present when the candidate takes the test.

Online Examination System Essay Example

The current system is analyzed thoroughly and all the bottlenecks are identified. 2. Users demonstrable needs are captured and freezed. User needs a web-based system, which will remove all the problems in existing system, the user is facing. The user wants a web- based system, which will reduce the bulk of paperwork, provide ease of work, flexibility, fast record finding, modifying, adding, removing and generating the reports.

A new system has been proposed on my perception of the system, in accordance with the problems of existing system by making a full layout of the system on paper. 4. The feasibility of the system proposed was analyzed by comparing the following factors with both the existing system and proposed system. The proposed system was found feasible in terms of cost, effort, time and labor. Analysis of the system is complete. 5. Database design is complete. 6. System coding is in progress.

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