Online Grading System

7 July 2017

Online Grading System of Southern Luzon State University Laboratory High School (1st Yr. – 4th Yr. ) Abstract Nowadays many people depend on technology in our surrounding and by that we use different system and information that can help us in our daily living. As part of our partial fulfillment of our requirements in Management Information System, I decided to create a system that can help the student to be informed in the new technology in our community. Online Grading System in Southern Luzon State

University Laboratory High School particularly in First year students up to Fourth year student. This system helps students become more aware of their grades and also helps parent’s get involved in their child’s schooling. Let’s face it, many teacher spend more time Just to compute and figuring out the grades of their student better than spend their time to prepare their lessons and meetings. And because of this system the work of the teachers can be easier and faster, they can quickly and easy update, rack, and grade student performance in much less time than they ever thought possible.

I help also the parent’s to watch and monitor what is happening in grades of their siblings, because students and parent’s can access an online grading system with a password and can track grades and assignments whenever they need to. And by that this system can build the child and parent relationship, and also when parent’s and teachers can work together to help a child succeed, that child has a much better chance of getting the most out of his or her schooling.

Background of the Study Technology gets wider and wider as time goes by, and because of that I think a system that can help the teacher, student and also the parent’s for the easy monitoring of the grades of the student in SLURS. As I observe many schools nowadays used online grading system to check and monitor their grades and because of that I pursue a system that can help the SILLS High School student to be more familiarize and to explore how easy to used this system and how much it can help to lessen the work of the teachers.

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