Online Grading System

8 August 2016

?Information technology has developed the lives of human beings and made the it easier by the various kinds of applications. There are many tools, technologies and systems that have been produced and invented through the use of IT. ?Computer works in many ways that is totally different from human beings. The flow of works in an automated system can differ quite considerably from the manual system. In present time, IT in business is really rising, making it extremely in demand in our society.

It helps us in minimizing time in doing our works and brings us a quick result in a short period of time (Howard, 1990). These computer technologies usually use in different aspects because it helps a lot in terms of their services. ?Nowadays all the businesses are shifting into computer based system because its purpose is to give an efficient and easy way of doing activities with less time spend daily. This application exceeds even in educational institutions and the finest example is library management system. In essence, grading is an exercise in professional judgment on the part of instructors.

Online Grading System Essay Example

It involves the collection and evaluation of evidence on students’ achievement or performance over a specified period of time, such as nine weeks, an academic semester, or entire school year. Through this process, various types of descriptive information and measures of students’ performance are converted into grades or marks that summarize students’ accomplishments. The increasing usage of computers in the mid and late 90’s gave way for the birth of a new technological advancement that had assisted teachers and professors to easily compute for grades, the digitization of spreadsheets.

The main advantage is speed, since no manual calculations are needed, and confirmation of grade for any further necessary alterations can also be performed more quickly than traditional means. Managing grades had become easier for instructors when using electronic spreadsheets. Project Context ?The project entitled Online Class Record Management System is an online grading system that deals with recording of grades, monitoring the grades of the students, updating the teachers on Department of Education’s announcements and updates the parents on the current status of the grades of their children.

?The main problem of manual computing of grades is that the recording of grades are taking more time. This may result to delay in updating the student’s performance every term. Another problem is that the students are not observed well. As teachers take time to manually compute and place the scores of students in a record, it also eats the time that may help in assessing a student’s analytical behaviour, his interpersonal relations with others, and rooms for academical improvement.

Here in the Philippines, as we continue to improve the needs of education, we see the need to improve efficiency in calculating grades that can start as baby steps in the future of academic innovation. ?Online grading system is a website that will record the input grades and automatically calculate it. This will keep the teachers go along with the technology. This will show the ranking or the statistical graph of the all the students per year level that the teachers are holding. This will be the way to monitor the students.

This website also has a features that will send the scores of exams and class records of the students to their parents. Purpose and Description The proponents analyze the findings in system evaluation to improve and apply the suggestions of the respondents to the proposed system. Purpose. Now a days, people are more interacted on computers especially on internet where they can access private data and use this to give them accurate and fast way to accomplish their tasks. The proponents developed a website that helps the teachers in recording and monitoring the grades of the students.

This proposed system helps the instructors, teachers or professors in grading the students in the fastest way. This can help them save time and effort instead of wasting lots of days computing and give a lot of effort in arranging and clearing before passing it to the principal or other head of the school. Online grade posting can eliminate the need for progress reports, saving paper in printing, thus making a paperless grading system. An online grading system is a quick and efficient way for teachers and parents to interact with each other for a positive education experience.

Through online grading system, teachers can post the grades of his students, at his convenience, thru the website of the school in internet. Students can also view their grades anywhere and anytime in just one click. Description. The theoretical framework shows the Input-Process-Output of the proposed system. Manually, the teachers record the grades in a class record book. All activities in the classroom is indicated in that book such as exams, activities, quiz, homework and recitations. In the proposed system, the manual recording of the grades is improved by the use of Online Class Record Management System.

This is website that will make it faster and reliable. The proponents study and analyze the results of the system evaluation and apply the suggestions of the defendants in the proposed system. In the data gathering stage, the information and suggestions of the respondents are gathered to give the proponents the idea and knowledge in planning the proposed system. In system analysis stage, the flow and diagrams are worked out for the designing the phase of the proposed system. In system designing stage, the proponents make a systems interface and layout.

In system developed stage, it includes coding and testing of a system and the output is the Online Class Record Management System and that will be evaluated by the defendants. Objectives Teachers have been using class record book for past long years. Manually recording grades of the students leads them to rush and not organized records. Due to increased number of the students, the teachers has difficulty in organizing and maintaining the records of the grades. General Objective. The general objective of the study is to design, develop and deliver a website that will manage the daily recording and computing of the grades.

?Specific Objectives. Specifically the project sought to accomplish the following: 1. To establish an online class record that can compute the grades of the students (K-12). 2. To motivate the teachers to use the Standard Computing of Grades from the Department of Education (DepEd). 3. To preserve the connection between the teachers and the parents regarding the reports and records of the student. 4. To make a statistical graph to see how many students needs guidance and to maintain the respectable records of the students that good in academic activities. 5. To develop a well – designed system that would: a.

provide the computation and print out the grades of the student b. build a messenger that can send grades for mobile phones c. give an opportunity for the teachers to reduce the time spends d. provide a database that can handle all information from the user and handle the grades e. provide an easy way to pay the premium account for the users f. build an easy update on the news and announcement from DepEd g. build a connection for all the teachers that uses the system Scope and Limitations The teachers are manually record the grades of the students for the past years. This section presents the scope and limitations of the project.

Scope. The scope of the study aims to help the teachers to reduce time spend in recording and gathering the grades of their students. This study focuses in computing and managing the grades in the fastest way. This study contains information from Department of Education (DepEd) that help them update from the announcements. This will also benefit the parents from the messenger that sends them the scores of their children in their examination through text message and E-mail. It can also monitor the students that need the supervision and attention on their standing in academic subjects.

Online class record management includes the printed document of the grades for passing the overall grades to the head of their school. ?Limitations. However, accessing this website also has limitations. This website cannot be access without the use of internet connection. The user must have an Internet connection in order to browse the system. One of the reasons why the proponents develop this system is to help the individual teachers in managing their class records on the fastest and accurate way. The system itself cannot provide any special attention for any other institution specially schools. • .

COM. Web Hosting of the site will only be available for couple of months including the final presentation date. • Non-reply SMS. This system will notify the parents through SMS that the message from the system is not valid for replying. • E-mail Reply. This system is only valid to have a reply using an E-mail address of the user as the receiver. • Forum Friendly. Only users that has an account can comment in the forum section of the system. • Payment. This system will give only one (1) year free access for the users. If the user wanted to extend the subscription there will be an in charge payment.

CHAPTER 3: TECHNICAL BACKGROUND This chapter contains four (4) sections, namely: – Research Approach In Fair Isn’t Always Equal: Assessing and Grading in the Differentiated Classroom, Rick Wormeli does not mince words as he calls for teachers to engage in honest discussion about grading: There are some aspects of teaching that we keep in cages in hopes they will never escape. . . . We don’t share our concerns with our own grading approach or that of a colleague’s often, and we don’t spend time with each other determining the meaning of a C, an A, or discussing what constitutes a 3.

5 on a rubric. . . . The day is upon us, however. It’s time to talk about grades, grading, and report cards openly, if we haven’t before, questioning assump- tions, embracing alternatives, and focusing on the promise of what teaching and learning can be. (89–90) – Methodology – Requirements Analysis – Systems Requirements – Research Approach • It refers to the research method to be used in the project study. Research method is a technique used in conducting a research. For example, conducting data collection, data analysis techniques, sampling techniques, etc. – Methodology

• It refers to the software/ system development methodology. • In software engineering, it is a framework that is used to structure, plan and control the process of developing a program/ software. (diagram lang to ng process ng website kung paano tumatakbo) – Requirements Analysis • In systems engineering and software engineering, encompasses those tasks that go into determining the needs or conditions to meet for a new or altered product, taking account of the possibly conflicting requirements of the various stakeholders, analyzing, documenting, validating and managing software or

system requirements. (feasiblity namin to) – Systems Requirements • This section lists and discusses the hardware, software, peopleware and network specifications used during development and implementation of the software project. (hardware, software specs namin to) —–pakiexplain na lang ate na eto yung mga nilalaman ng chapter 3 namin. eto ung papacheck ko na pwede kaduktong nitong chapter: Technical Background This chapter still focus on system analysis of the project. The data gathering is written here and other observations are also indicated in this chapter.

System analysis is defined as the process of studying a procedure in order to identify the projects goals and purposes and create systems and procedures that will achieve them in an efficient way. This chapter serves as a resolution in the last chapter (see chapter 2). In that chapter, the problems that may encounter in developing this system are discussed. The chapter 2 is the source of a theoretical basis for the project while in this chapter includes the observations in making the data gathering. This serves as the section of interviews, questionnaires and surveys that the proponents do.

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