Online Inquiry and Reservation system

7 July 2016

Internet is the most effective way in business transactions and communication. It is also used for educational references. Businesses have taken the majority of the population of the web. Creating a website for a business will boost the chance of getting known. Usually, businessmen use it for advertising and reservations and other services that the company renders. An Online reservation website is used to enhance the ability of a company to advertise its product, and to gain consumer popularity as well.

In this website, the administrator is able to monitor the whole system; can add, delete and modify information within the database. [CAPU2011] Hot ‘n Fab Boutique, a female fashion boutique, was established on February 22, 2013. The store is located inside City Land condominium Tower 2, Vito Cruz. The company is still a few months old and has not yet gained popularity due to the location. Its only regular customers are the residents of the City Land Condominium and those people whom the company owners personally know. However, people who are not residents of the condominium have no knowledge that such store exists.

Online Inquiry and Reservation system Essay Example

Having an Online Product Inquiry and Reservation System will help the company be more recognized on a wider market. The consumer can also make an online reservation on the desired product. They do not need to go to the store just to inquire or make reservations and purchases. 1. 1 Statement of the Problem Hot ‘n Fab Boutique is located inside the City Land condominium. Thus, it is not seen by the people outside who might want to visit a clothing store. The location is somehow an obstacle for the company’s growth, yet, the owners cannot leave the said location because they are also residents of the said condominium.

In order to solve the problem, the proponents proposed an Online Product Inquiry and Reservation System that will serve as the Company’s new way of advertising their business. 1. 1. 1 General Problem How to design and develop an Online Product Inquiry and Reservation System for Hot ‘n Fab Boutique? 1. 1. 2 Specific Problems How to design and develop a module that will display all the products of Hot ‘n Fab Boutique? The company has no current advertisement capability. It does not provide flyers or anything that can be used as its advertising medium.

The management’s way of endorsing the shop is through personal communication with customers whom they know personally How to create a module that will serve as the administrator’s account where they can upload images, modify information, and confirm the reservation made by the customer? In the present system of the company, they only use pen and paper in modifying the item details, recording sales, issuing receipts and confirming reservations. How to design and develop a module that allow customer to reserve the items that they have chosen?

In the current reservation process, the costumer visits the shop to reserve their chosen items. The customer has to pay 50% of the price as a down payment. However, the reservation is only valid for 24 hours How to create a module that will serve as the communication medium between the management and the costumer? The company and its costumers’ communication are through SMS or Walk-in. The reservation can be sent through text or can be done by personal approach. This current process is very risky because an SMS can be accidentally deleted in the phone and will result in losing the information sent by the costumer.

1. 2 Current State of Technology . Hot ‘n Fab Boutique is a Clothing Store exclusive for Women. They have all the styles for different occasions and events. The store is located inside City Land Condominium Tower 2 Vito Cruz, in front of Jose Rizal Memorial Stadium. The boutique was established on February 22, 2013 owned by Mr. Roland Perez, and his wife Mrs. Raquel Perez. The Boutique was known for its trendy items that really capture the taste of every costumer who visits the store. The store provides unique styles of clothes and makes sure that the items vary in some ways, for example, in color or in style.

The store adds items three (3) times a week. Which means, every 2 days, they have a new stock of items that will all be displayed in the shop. They have suppliers around the Philippines and they also have a supplier who gets items directly from Bangkok. The store already has their regular costumers. A high quality item in an affordable price makes their costumer crave more for their products. Most of their customers are the residents of the Condominium. Students from nearby schools like De La Salle University, College of Saint Benilde, and St.

Scholastica’s College, also visit the store by chance. However, the location of the store is somehow a hindrance to its progress because it is located where people barely see it. The chance that a single passerby would visit it which would offer a wider opportunity has been blocked by the location problem. Since the management cannot move out because they are also residents of the condominium, they need to have a new and more effective medium for advertising. 1. 2. 1Inquiry The customer has to visit the store in order to know the reservation process or inquire about the details of the product.

1. 2. 2Reservation through SMS SMS is the most common alternative way of B and C communication. However, it is very risky that a single press might cause an unintentional deletion of the messages of the customer which contains the information of the reservation. 1. 2. 3Walk – In Reservation Aside from SMS communication, the customers usually walk in the store in order to make a reservation on their chosen item/s. Upon the reservation, they also have to pay 50% of the total cost of the items they have chosen for the down payment. 1. 2. 4Terms and Conditions

In order to make a reservation, the customer has to pay 50% of the total amount of the selected items as the partial payment. The customer may pay through walk in or send it through money transfer or deposit to the bank account. The mode of payment varies depending on the Business-to-Customer agreement. The full payment may also be done depending on the chosen mode of payment. The limit of the items that can be reserved is only until five (5) items. Acquiring the product can be on hand or through shipment. For the on hand transaction, the customer will have to pick up the purchased items in the store.

On the hand, Shipment will need to undergo multiple processes. When the customer purchased below four (4) items, they will have to carry the shipment fee which they have to pay through bank deposit or money transfer. Upon receiving, the purchased items will now be shipped to the customer by the management. In terms of cancelling the reservation, if the customer has already paid the amount of the selected items, only half of it will be refunded. Also, the customer must confirm the cancellation within 24 hours. If not, the reservation will be void and the selected items will be available again for another transaction.

Modifying the reserved items will also be within 24 hours. 1. 2. 1 Foreign Studies IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd. has been set up by the Ministry of Railways with the basic purpose of hiving off entire catering and tourism activity of the railways to the new Corporation so as to professionalize and upgrade these services with public-private participation. Rail based Tourism in India will be the specific vehicle for achieving high growth in coordination with state agencies, tour operators, travel agents and the hospitality industry.

A dynamic marketing strategy in association with public and private agencies, tour operators, transporters, hoteliers and local tour promoters is on the anvil. Indian Railways span global volumes in hospitality and catering sectors with services provided to 13 million passengers every day. In Comparison with Hot ‘n Fab Boutique IRCTC and Hot ‘n Fab Boutique allows the customers to have a privilege to obtain a specific service or product in a period of time. However, the difference between the two companies are, the IRCTC provides reservation services in terms of flight tickets and hotels or lounge.

Also, the company allows the customer to pay through online, which will not be considered as Online Ordering for the reason that the customer does not literally order a ticket, but buy or reserve a ticket in order to reserve a seat for a travel. While the Hot ‘n Fab Boutique allows the customer to reserve multiple items that will be sold to them and will be their own after payment. SHERATON HOTELS AND RESORT For more than 70 years Sheraton has enjoyed a history as vibrant and spirited as the travelers we welcome. The world has changed, but one thing hasn’t – travel is about bringing people together.

1937, The origins of Sheraton date back to 1937 when the company’s founders, Ernest Henderson and Robert Moore, acquired their first hotel in Springfield, Massachusetts. Within two years, they purchased three hotels in Boston and soon expanded their holdings to include properties from Maine to Florida. 1947, Sheraton Corporation of America becomes the first hotel chain to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. 1949, With the purchase of two Canadian hotel chains Sheraton expands internationally and grows rapidly around the world.

1958, The company launches “Reservatron,” the industry’s first automatic electronic reservations system. 1961 , The first Sheraton in the Middle East debuts with the opening of the Tel Aviv Sheraton in Israel. 1963, The Macuto Sheraton Hotel opens in Venezuela, becoming the first Sheraton hotel in Latin America. 1965 , Sheraton opens the doors to its 100th hotel – The Sheraton Boston. 1985, Sheraton achieves an important milestone becoming the first international hotel chain to operate a hotel in the People’s Republic of China.

1998, Starwood® Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. acquires Sheraton. 2004, Sheraton introduces the Sweet SleeperTM Bed. In 2006, The [email protected] experienced with Microsoft® debuts at five hotels around the world. The [email protected] is the connectivity hub of our lobby experience, allowing guests to work, relax, socialize or grab a snack. 2008, Sheraton Fitness programmed by Core® Performance is introduced. Created in partnership with world-renowned personal training experts Core® Performance, our fitness program is designed to keep guests at their peak at all times.

Sheraton boasts a portfolio of more than 400 hotels in 70 countries, including a stellar portfolio of more than 60 resorts in stunning destinations worldwide. In Comparison with Hot ‘n Fab Boutique Sheraton Hotel and Resorts’ Reservation System provides filtering that will allow the customer to view the available services that are possible to be reserved. It is the same with Hot ‘n Fab Boutique, which displays all the available items, including the reserved items to show that the item is reserved at the moment and will be available again anytime soon.

However, the Sheraton website provides a filtered list of contact numbers that depends on the customer’s country. EVA AIR Evergreen Group Chairman and Founder Dr. Chang Yung-Fa established EVA Air in March 1989, lifting the impeccable transportation heritage and tradition of quality service of older sister and container-shipping leader Evergreen Line to new heights. Within a few months, he placed orders with the Boeing Company and McDonnell Douglas for 26 aircraft at a purchase value of US $3. 6 billion, quickly catching the attention of the global aviation industry. Both companies are part of the Evergreen Group.

We have had lofty goals since EVA made its maiden flight on July 1, 1991. Now, we have a destination network that spans the globe, stretching from Asia and China to Europe, North America and Oceania and linking more than 60 cities. Our regular cross-strait China service is provided in concert with our subsidiary, UNI Air. Carefully developed alliances with major carriers worldwide extend our passenger and cargo serves even further. In Comparison with Hot ‘n Fab Boutique Both companies’ websites provide services filtering that will allow the customers or users to search for their desired service or items conveniently.

On the other hand, the Online Reservation system of EVA Air provides communication service that will send notifications and updates to the member’s mobile. The Hot ‘n Fab Boutique also provides extra communication medium such as sending inquiries from the website to the Company’s Email. GRECOTEL Located in prime business and holiday destinations across Greece, the prestigious Grecotel hotels & resorts have made our company synonymous with the best in hospitality in the whole country. Every Grecotel is unique, revealing the soul of a destination.

Grecotel embodies the very best of Greece in the warmth of the welcome, the elegance of the interior design, the sophistication of services, and the art of exceptional cuisine. Discerning international travellers with a penchant for culture and luxury know that Grecotel quality will always meet their expectations! In Comparison with Hot ‘n Fab Boutique Grecotel’s website does not include registration for membership. It is similar to Hot ‘n Fab Botique because anyone can reserve and inquire by going through the processes of reservation that were indicated in the website itself.

It also provides particular services such as Wedding reception, Kid’s Birthday, Spa, etc. , which are similar to Hot ‘n Fab Boutique’s product categories such as Tops, Bottoms, Dresses, Shoes, etc. HILTON HOTELS AND RESORTS It all started in 1919, when Conrad Hilton bought his first hotel. Since then, we’ve led the industry with our innovative approach to products, amenities and service. Today, Hilton Hotels & Resorts stands as the stylish, forward thinking global leader of hospitality. Take a look at some of our most important, guest-focused firsts along the way In Comparison with Hot ‘n Fab Boutique

Hilton’s website is a typical website that provides reservation transaction for their hotels and resorts. However, what makes this more special is that the website supports the generation of report and even the printing process. The Hot ‘n Fab website on the other hand, can compute the total amount of reserved items and can also send messages to emails. 1. 2. 2 Local Studies VILLA ESCUDERO A self-contained working coconut plantation, It was founded in the 1880s by Don Placido Escudero and his wife Dona Claudia Marasigan. Originally planted to sugarcane, the crop was converted to coconut by their son Don Arsenio Escudero in the early 1900s.

A pioneering agro-industrialist, he built the country’s first working hydroelectric plant to supply his dessicated coconut factory and Villa Escudero, where he and his wife Dona Rosario Adap built in 1929. Their children opened the estate to the public in 1981. From its humble beginnings, the resort has become a prime tourist destination for locals, overseas Filipinos and a wide array of foreign visitors to the country. It has a worldwide reputation as a showcase for the Philippines’ rich cultural heritage, offering a beguiling glimpse of its history, cuisine, dress, customs and natural beauty a mere two hours away from Manila.

In Comparison with Hot ‘n Fab Boutique Both Companies provided a user-friendly website that makes the reservation easier. The Online Reservation System of Villa Escudero provides an online form on which the Customer has to fill out the required fields. The company also made an option on how the business will contact the customer. However, the Hot ‘n fab boutique only has one communication medium included in the system, the inquiry box. SUPERCAT The SUPERCAT is a part of the passenger travel and leisure brand (with SuperFerry) of ATS Consolidated (ATSC), Inc.

SuperCat has been pivotal and strategic to the fast ferry industry in the country. We have created synergy that has enlarged the fast ferry industry to benefit economies scale, review capacities on existing routes, and complement travel-related products Visayas is the hub of the country’s fast ferries operation. Responding to the 21st century thrust of ‘going global’, the entry of the fast ferry industry in Visayas almost a decade ago has reshaped the rules and practice of sea travel and the maps of the industry as well.

With globalization, fast craft vessels have made it possible for enterprises and governments to crisscross throughout the region to conclude business deals, open new markets and build long-term partnerships. This development propelled commerce and trade and accelerated tourism and tourism-related activities to new and wider dimensions. In Comparison with Hot ‘n Fab Boutique The Hot and Fab and the SUPERCAT both have An Online Reservation System. However, the Hot ‘n Fab allows customers to make a reservation even without registering or getting a membership account.

The SUPERCAT Website requires an account in order to make a reservation. VICTORY LINER Victory Liner Inc. proved to be one of the more reliable public transport companies in the Philippines. The company gained a reputation for its clean buses, terminals, courteous and properly groomed crew. “Ang Kayo ay Mapaglingkuran ay Amin na ring Kasiyahan” was the slogan in the 1970s. VLI also transferred to its current location at the north end of EDSA near the Balintawak Bonifacio Monument. In Comparison with Hot ‘n Fab Boutique The VL Website reservation form is kind of complicated.

The customer will have to fill out every single field including the Bus Class and the destinations. They have also provided billing transaction on which the customer can pay through online with the help of banks and online payment courier such as Paypal, and other banks. CIRCLE ISLAND RESORT Circle Island aims to be one of the best Hotel and Resort in Bacoor. It has swimming pool that is suited both for kids and adults. There are also cottages in its native bamboo and grass theme surrounding the pool area. Circle Island serves different kinds of native delicacies at a very affordable price.

It offers catering services to various events like seminars, weddings, debuts, and others. Fully furnished and air-conditioned rooms such as Standard and Family Rooms that will make you feel relax and experience more amenities like Restaurant, Jacuzzi and KTV Rooms. Circle Island Resort and Hotel was established last June 5, 2005 through partnership. Its unique name was derived from the original name of the place which legitimate Cavitenos called “Pulong Mabilog”. It is located in a one hectare land which is near the commercial district of Molino III Bacoor, Cavite.

It was dream come true to have built a place for fun where one can truly relax and unwind. In Comparison with Hot ‘n Fab Boutique The CIR’s website provides a usual online form of a reservation transaction. Like Hot n Fab, CIR does not include billing and payment transaction in it. The payment of the customer will be according to the B2C agreement through other communication mediums. However, to assure that a payment has been done, the company provided an uploading transaction on which the costumer will just take a photo of the deposit receipt and include it in the confirmation email.

The Hot ‘n Fab Boutique also includes the photos of the items being reserved inside the reservation request through email. 9 WAVES Ciudad Christhia Resort started its operations on December 11, 1990 with a swimming pool, several pavilions, a picnic area, and two all-around personnel. Soon after, the company began its expansion with the construction of more structures to showcase the resort’s bright potential and provide its community with an outstanding recreational facility.

Today, the resort includes its renowned 9 waves swimming pool, a children and adult’s swimming pools, a double-loop water slide, cafe and restaurant, merchandise shop, an events hall- The Pergola Hall, conference rooms, room accommodations, an organic farm, wall climbing and teambuilding facilities, and an activity center. From its humble beginnings of 0. 7 hectares, and now at 2. 2 hectares, the resort continues to grow, providing leisure and relaxation right at the heart of Ampid, San Mateo, Rizal.

It is the goal of Ciudad Christhia Resort’s committed team, composed of the management and their professional staff, to uphold the values of the resort with dedication, cooperation, excellence and loyalty, thereby providing the public with a healthy and enjoyable environment with the resort’s continuous progress. In Comparison with Hot ‘n Fab Boutique The most similar website to Hot ‘n Fab Boutique is the Ciudad Christhia 9 waves’ website. It has a typical and clear flow of a usual reservation system. However, the Company also accepts payment through online, posting the total amount of the facilities being rented by the customer.

1. 3 Objectives 1. 3. 1 General Objectives To design and develop an Online Product Inquiry and Reservation System for Hot ‘n Fab Botique 1. 3. 2Specific Objectives To develop a module that will display all the items of Hot ‘n Fab Boutique For a business like clothing store, the products must be seen by the costumer in full detail. This module will display all the products available in Hot ‘n Fab Botique. To develop a module for the administrator where they can upload images of the item, modify the details of the items, and confirm the reservation of the costumer

This module will be responsible for accepting the reservation request, modification purposes, and uploading of images. To develop a module that will accept the reservation and other personal information from the customers of Hot ‘n Fab Boutique This module will be used for accepting reservations and costumer’s information online. The customer may choose multiple items to reserve and it will total the price of the reserved items. To develop a module that will serve as the communication channel between the management and the costumer In this module, the costumer can inquire or send information by sending a

message to the management. Upon submitting the message, it will automatically be sent to the management’s E-mail. This will help secure the conversation of the management and costumer. With this, there will be more secured communication between the management and the costumer. 1. 3. 3Scope and Limitations The proponents proposed an Online Product Inquiry and Reservation System for Hot ‘n Fab Botique. The Scope of this project will be explained through the following modules: Log in Module (Back End) This module will be the first step to access the account of the administrator.

With this, the system will be more secure from any modifications of non- authorized user. Reservation Module (Front End) This module will accept information such as chosen products and personal information of the customer then will save it in the database. With this module, the costumer can also reserve multiple items with a maximum of five (5) items only. Image Uploader Module (Back End) This module will be responsible for uploading the photographs of the products and other images that is necessary to be displayed on the site. Emailing Module (Front End)

This module is represented by a textbox and command button where its purpose is to send the information, input by the costumer, to the database, and to the management’s email address. Display Module (Back End and Front End) This module is responsible for displaying the images of the items that have been uploaded in the system. Computation Module (Front End) With this, all the cost of the reserved items will be totalled upon finalizing the reservation. Search Module (Back End and Front End) This module will be responsible for searching purposes.

With this, the customer will go directly to what they are looking. Modification Module (Back End) This module will be responsible for modifying or updating existing records of the items and for deleting sold items. Navigation Module (Back End and Front End) This module will be responsible in displaying the different interfaces in the system, such as, home, gallery, products, the product categories, contacts, and other modules. Limitations The Online System does not support paying or banking online The Online System does not support Sales and Inventory The Online system does not support Tracking of deliveries

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