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2 February 2017

They need a viable market where they could sell their products and services, and at the same time, take proper actions to keep the market’s patronage and avoid losses. As the times change, success in any venture requires change as well. With the advent of new technology, the internet can be an effective tool to start and expand any entrepreneurial endeavour. We are now living in a fast-paced world and consumers are trying to find more convenient ways to shop for things they need. The days of standing in long queues are waning.

Looking from the perspective of a consumer, purchases should be made without exerting too much effort or wasting too much precious time. However, swiftness should not jeopardize the quality of the products and services offered. Substandard goods and services, no matter how swiftly purchased, will never provide satisfaction to consumers who expect only the best for their hard-earned money. Consequently, customer discontent will be the downfall of any business. PC Manila is a computer parts shop located in SM North EDSA, Quezon City.

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It has an average of three (3) regular customers per day, and one hundred (100) computer spare parts to be sold and monitored. The owners want to publicize their store with the objective of gaining more customers. Creating a website will be advantageous for the store. The internet is a heavily populated space, and with millions of internet-users every day, PC Manila can eye a bigger market. Customers benefit from online stores as well. Instead of going out and visiting actual shops, they can now make orders without leaving the comfort of their homes or offices.

This means consumers do not have to spend time walking or driving to the place, saving them money, gas, and time. All they have to do is visit the website, browse through the products, and choose the ones they want to order – all these consumer power right at their fingertips. 1. 2. 1 Project Rationale Online ordering is one of the best methods to make a business better known and, in the process, be in demand. This is a practical means for consumers with busy schedules because they can easily buy products they desire at a minimum amount of time.

It is also a more controllable mode of inventory and store management. Also, the popularity of e-stores and online ordering are acting as catalyst in the further development of the technology (i. e. web designing, probable software advancement). 1. 2 Statement of the Problem Major Statement of the Problem * How will the proponents develop an online store system for PC Manila that will make ordering, and selling their products (computer parts) easier for the customers by means of a website. Minor Statement of the Problem * How will the proponents create user-friendly instructions for the customers.

Some websites does not have a friendly appearance and interface; they display confusing instructions and guidelines for the customers. To make it easier for the buyer, the website will provide the item’s description and price. * How will the proponents build a secure and effective system for the website. Some website systems can be easily cracked or hacked by any unauthorized individual. Their system is not effective and strong enough to support the store’s information. * How will the proponents give customers access to the website.

Some websites cannot be accessed because there is no proper device being used. Without a proper device, the customers cannot visit the website. 1. 3 Objectives of the Study 1. 3. 1 General Objectives * To create an online ordering system for the store’s customers from where they will benefit, and at the same time will make their transactions faster and more convenient with minimal work. 1. 3. 2 Specific Objectives * To create a website for online ordering In creating online website, clients should first consider its design and structure. We should avoid adding irrelevant objects on the website.

We can put some instructions and guidelines on how to order to avoid confusion among customers. To achieve this, an application such as Adobe Dreamweaver can be used. * To create a user-friendly website for the customers/buyers If the website has a friendly appearance, then it should have a friendly interface as well. Its appearance should be pleasing to the users and customers, and the colours should be appropriate. The font and buttons has to be understandable and obvious. The application to be used to create the website’s interface is the Adobe Photoshop CS5. * To build a secure and effective system.

This is an important element of the project. To achieve a hundred percent success, the system has to be strong, secure, and effective. The application to be used in this procedure is Microsoft Visual Basic or PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor). * To create an ordering system which can be accessed through a computer desktop or any devices that has an internet connection. Before accessing the website, there should be a proper device to be used. With the use of a personal computer, a tablet, or a mobile phone (with built-in wifi/4G), the customers can visit the website without any problem.

Significance of the Study Online ordering system is easy to integrate into any company’s system for carry out services. Consumers are excited about their favourite store adding the convenience of an online ordering system. Online ordering is a flexible benefit because it offers useful, time efficient features for customers and company owners. This technology is growing rapidly with consumers for many reasons. An Online ordering system promotes many benefits such as convenience, order & price accuracy, eliminates hold times, no waiting in line and no pressure.

The Online ordering system gives consumers the ability to browse the online menu leisurely, increasing the probability of consumer adding to order. 1. 5 Scopes and Limitations Scopes The system will focus mainly on how to order products and building the website structure design to show the customers the products’ price, details, and other information. The system will also keep the records of all the store’s items. The system will provide the item’s accurate information, its use, and its functions. It will also show the company’s information and contact details. Limitations The system cannot allow online renting systems.

The online renting system is pointless and unnecessary because as part of the store’s protocol to keep their products in outstanding quality, they do not allow their products to be rented, and product delivery will not be included. 2. 0 Methodology of the Study Fourth Generation Techniques automatically generates source code based on the developer’s specification. They can also enable the developer to specify some characteristics of the online ordering at a high level. The use of Fourth Generation Techniques (4GT) has broadened considerably over the past decade and is now a viable approach for many different application areas.

It is a kind of system methodology that encompasses a broad array software tools that have one thing in common. Each enables the software developer to specify some characteristics of software at a high level. There is a little debate that the higher the level at which the software can be specified to a machine, the faster a program can be built. The 4GT paradigm for software engineering focuses on the ability to specify software to a machine at a level that is close to natural languages or using a notation that imparts significant function.

The proponents gathered all the information regarding the ordering of Online Avenue. In this phase, the proponents had several visits at SM North EDSA to gather information about the company. During the data gathering, the proponents interviewed Mr. Bobet Cabuoang, the owner of the Online Avenue who gave the information regarding their products and the process of ordering. Also, the proponents analysed their existing ordering system to plan the sequences in online ordering. * Design This phase covers the designing for the proposed system.

It focuses on procedural detail and interface of the system. This is where all of the information gathered applied. After analysing what the system needs, the proponents started designing the recommended system that will answer all the needs of the developed system. The interface of the system was made simple and easy to access. The PC Manila’s website design was made simple. The proponents did not put unnecessary buttons and instructions to avoid customer’s confusion.

The home page displays the store’s featured products so the customers can easily rowse some of the available products. * Implementation using 4GT This phase is where all the gathered information is developed in the proposed system. The proponents planned all the possible input for the system. After the planning, the proponents integrate its planned ideas into the representation of the system. * Testing In this phase, after implementing the program codes, the proponents conducted some testing activities for the system to uncover some errors and talk about the opinions for the system. Fourth Generation Techniques Figure 1. 0 4. 0 Documentation of the Current System Home

This module is the main page of the website, where the user can see all the basic information of the hardware. This page includes the promotion of the hardware, the category of the products it offers, hardware’s brief history and the different advertisement of the products in the hardware. On the list of the categories of products in the hardware has a link to the list of the products for that category. The homepage for this website should be eye catchy, to get the attention of the customer. * Product The user can view the products that the hardware offers.

This page contains all the information of the products that are sold in the hardware. It includes the product name, image, description and price. This page will also help the user to choose the item that he/she needs to order. If the customer decides to order the items, he/she will sign-in in order for him/her to order the products in the hardware. If there is a new customer he/she will need to create an account in order for him/her to order the products from the hardware. * Order This page is where the customer lists or selects all the supplies that he/she will order.

The customer has to input his/her full name, email address etc. After choosing the products, the customer will click the Submit button to send the list of the ordered supplies. For the verifying the ordered supplies the customer should wait for at least 24hours then the personnel in charge will send an e-mail to customer for its approval and disapproval of the ordered supplies. This page also contains all the different policies that implements in ordering the products like the location should be specific, the delivery of the products is just within Bulacan.

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