Online School vs. Traditional School

2 February 2017

There has been much debate about whether or not you should go back to school traditionally, or if going back to school online is just as good and effective. One of the main pros of going back to school online vs. traditionally is that students can learn on their own personal level and time. With today’s demands, going to work, having children, catering to family and your friend’s needs, going to school online at your own discretion, can give you that convince. Another great thing about going to school online is that it eliminate the need for paper, no paper means no heavy books, and no more hand writing.A big convenience for most people is that going to school online, is not having to partake in the social aspect of college.

If you’re an older adult, sitting in class with a bunch of young adults can get very annoying. This also ties in with the fact most online school accepts just about anyone with a high school diploma rather than traditionally you have to be accepted. Just like there are conveniences of going to school online rather than traditionally, there are the cons of this as well. The biggest cons of going to school online, is that you do not have that face to face interaction with your peers or teachers.The lack of social relations can be damaging to some. Even though most people think you more freedom online rather than a traditional environment is not always true. If you have children, outside family issues, etc it can be challenging and difficult to study at home, or go to school, unless you have major support from friends and family.

Online School vs. Traditional School Essay Example

Online study also requires self motivation and self discipline. Your teacher is only there half of time, other than that you are on your own. Without putting in the extra work that is needed to go to school online, you won’t succeed anymore than going traditionally.In conclusion, rather we decide which is best; going back to school is a major decision that can change the rest of our lives. Personally, going back and getting your degree no matter how you do it, is far better than not doing it all. So it’s really up to an individual to determine rather doing it online is best, or packing your backpack and joining a traditional class is better. Whatever you decide is better we must always remember, to stay focus and keep our minds on what we are trying to achieve.

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