Online Trading

4 April 2015
This paper discusses the advantages and disadvantages of trading stocks online, as well as a history of various companies providing this service.

This paper discusses the advent of online trading. The author outlines the pros and cons of trading online versus using traditional brokers. Sections of the paper include a look at specific companies providing online trading services, a history of online trading, and a brief look into the future.
“The stock market has been a part of people’s lives throughout the twentieth century. Millions of people around the world have money invested in their countries own respective markets. Since the coming of age of online trading, more people have been investing their money in stocks than ever before because of the advantages it offers. Online trading allows people to trade stocks quickly without the help of a broker, letting the investors have more control over their transactions. The competition between companies has helped decrease the cost of making the transactions. In addition to that, ordinary people now have access to information that could only be seen by brokers. Overall, online trading saves time, money and gives power to the investor rather than the broker.”

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