Only Stricter Traffic Laws Can Prevent Accidents

6 June 2016

Every year hundreds of people die in car accidents as a result of bad driving. It is estimated that throughout the world, at least half a million people are killed and about 15 million injured on the roads each year. Most people suggest that we should do something to prevent the accidents and thus save many lives. Fortunately, society has become more life conscious, and over the last few years, people have become more aware of the reasons why they should drive more carefully. The facts that careless driving and poor road conditions are dangerous for other drivers, passangers and passers-by causes permanent disability and even death are just a few incentives to keep drivers from thhoughtless driving.

First of all, the age of limit of young drivers should be raised to al least 21. A lot of young people are still irresponsible for their actions. Moreover, they do not realise the dangers of alcohol abuse and drive very fast or overtake improperly in order to show off. It is still maintained that majority of car accidents is caused by teenagers who are between 17 and 19 years old.

Only Stricter Traffic Laws Can Prevent Accidents Essay Example

Secondly, governments should impose stricter fines for those who do not comply with speed limits on roads. Typically, more deaths occur on rural roads, where speeds are higher than in urban areas. Besides, the authorites should make an effort to improve road conditions. No holes, no bumps, but more motorways. Thanks to this, our vehicle can also be in a better condition. Additionally, no driver should use mobile phones as we are not concentrated on the road when we are driving.

All in all, it is high time more sterner traffic laws were imposed. The fact is that road safety can be achieved through multidisciplinary approaches involving road engineering and traffic management, education and training of road users, and vehicle design. If we still do not realise how serious is the problem of bad driving and poor road conditions the next casualty of the accident may be one of us.

It is high time a world code were created to reduce this senseless waste of human life. With regard to driving, laws of some countries are notoriously lax and even the strictest are not strict enough. A code which was universally accepted could only have dramatically beneficial effect on the accident rate.

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