Open Form Poetry

4 April 2015
A study of the open form style of poetry, as seen in the anonymous poem: “What a wonderful bird the frog are,?.

This paper examines attention-attracting styles in poetry, primarily open form poetry. It uses the anonymous poem: “What a wonderful bird the frog are,? to highlight the characteristics of open form poetry explains the effect that this style of poetry has on the reader. It also touches on other attention-attracting devices, such as startling and repetition.
“Artists and writers utilize all manner of devices to attract their readers’ attentions. Vladimir Nabokov, in his tome Pale Fire, framed a novel in the form of a poem and its associated criticism. Nabokov publically stated that he attempted absolute mediocrity in writing the poem Pale Fire, but this only showcases the unerring genius in the remainder of the work and as some critics would have it, genius in the poem itself despite Nabokov’s own disclaimer. Thomas Pynchon, in his epic “Gravity’s Rainbow,` used all manner of attention-getting including various songs that the reader automatically sets to music in her head.`
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