Operant & Classical Conditioning Essay Sample

8 August 2017

Separate A – Operant Conditioning

For each of the undermentioned illustrations of effects. place which type is happening: a ) Positive Punishment. B ) Negative Punishment. degree Celsius ) Positive Reinforcement. or vitamin D ) Negative Reinforcement. The chart on page 187 of your text edition might be helpful to reexamine before finishing this assignment. Remember. the behaviour must increase or diminish as a consequence of the reinforcing stimulus or penalty. Each right response is deserving 1 point for a sum of 10 points for Part A

Operant & Classical Conditioning Essay Sample Essay Example

__Positive Punishment__ 1. A adult male was stopped by a bull for hurrying and given a ticket. The adult male stopped rushing.

__Positive Support_ 2. A 3rd grader realized one afternoon that when she worked on her prep in the allotted clip the instructor provides alternatively of socialising with her friends. she has more play clip once she gets place. So. she works difficult to finish every bit much of her prep each twenty-four hours as possible so that she spends less clip inside to make it one time she gets place.

__Positive Reinforcement_3. A adult female begins to detect that she is losing weight as a consequence of her diet and exercise modus operandi. ensuing in the adult female remaining on path with her modus operandi in malice of enticement.

__Negative Punishment_4. A kid stays up 15 proceedingss past his bedtime. so the parents take away t. v. clip and by doing him travel to bed 15 proceedingss earlier the following dark. This consequences in the kid traveling to bed on clip.

__Positive Punishment__ 5. A soldier is required to make 50 press-ups for non run alonging his places up right and hence non go throughing room review. He makes certain his places are lined up decently for the following review.

___Negative Reinforcement__ 6. A married woman stops pecking one time her hubby takes out the rubbish. The hubby takes out the refuse the following clip the rubbish can is full.

Now provide an illustration of each from your ain life:

Positive support:

I have noticed that if one study difficult. i am included in the honor list so one kept on analyzing even harder to be a consistent award pupil

Negative support:

I used the umbrella when it rained so that I will non be wet.

Positive penalty:

I stole the coins in my mother’s bag so she got really ferocious at me. I did non seek stealing anything once more after that incident.

Negative penalty:

I ever go to the amusement centre to play computing machine games after category so my female parent reduced my allowance. After that. I did non see the amusement centre once more.

Part 2 – Classical Conditioning


For each experience. place each of the undermentioned elements:

You should hold four replies for each of the following 5 experiences. Each experience is deserving 2 points: 1 point for the stimulation ( both must be right ) and 1 point for the responses ( both must be right ) . The activity is deserving 10 points entire and there is no partial recognition.

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