Operation Management at Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock CafeĀ© carefully trains and develops their crew to excite the customers and provide entertainment.

The enthusiasm of the entire staff as they engage the customers is one of the reasons people keep going back. Scheduling the large staff Of bartenders, kitchen and wait staff, hostesses, and retail clerks is done based off of tracking sales. When planning the schedule, they look at the prior year’s sales and the trends for the last couple of weeks. They will also take into consideration any events that may be planned in the area during the time frame.The collection of over 60,000 pieces of rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia is a major draw for the customers. Inventory Management has the responsibility of cataloguing the entire inventory in all the cafes. They have developed a system that tells them exactly what is in each cafeĀ©, where it is in the cafeĀ©, and what the story is behind each item.

Maintenance of the inventory is done every 5-7 years when the memorabilia is taken out of a cafeĀ© and refurbished. The cafeĀ© is then restocked with new items.The layout strategy of each cafeĀ© includes the careful placement of items so that the display IS attractive but also allows for easy circulation for the consumer and exposes them to merchandise available for purchase. The kitchens are designed efficiently for easy food preparation. Even though customers come to see the famous collections, they are also there to enjoy the food. Before a meal is placed on the menu, product design will test the meal, analyze the cost of each ingredient versus labor requirements, and survey the customers.Quality evaluates the food and service regularly by surveying the customers on their satisfaction on a scale of 1-7.

If the food or service does not rank a 7, it is considered a failure. Supply management assists in product sign and managing quality by only ordering from qualified suppliers that have proven that they have needed ingredients and that they deliver on time. To make sure that customers are attracted to the Hard Rock CafeĀ©, management has developed a smart location strategy.Before deciding on a location, they will carefully research a market and look for an exact location. They will also study the timing to make sure that the economy will support a new cafeĀ© in that area. Once a cafeĀ© is opened, it is watched carefully and process and capacity design will modify the menu, inventory, and layout as customer’s tastes change. Productivity of the kitchen staff and wait staff at Hard Rock cafeĀ© is determined by the use of the surveys that are given to the customers.

If the staff does not earn a 7, they have not properly done their job. Also, how efficiently a table is turned or served and emptied would reflect on the production of the wait staff. When a service company such as Hard Rock CafeĀ© applies the 10 decisions of operational management to its business, it is looking to run a business that will entertain the customers and keep them coming back. All the decisions are made based on what does the customer want to see and eat and how can the staff make sure that the experience is efficient.When an automobile company such as Ford applies those same decisions, they also want to satisfy the customer and keep them coming back, but Ford’s decisions are based on what is going to be more convenient, safer, and desired by the consumer. For example, in making the popular Ford Explorer SUB, the company has to make sure the design and layout is practical, quality is safe, the car is easily maintained, and inventory In 1 971, when Hard Rock CafeĀ© initially opened, it was meets the demand. Just a nice London Pub that served a casual American meal and had a theme that was devoted to Rock ‘n’ Roll music.

The customers enjoyed the theme and kept going. Since then Hard Rock CafeĀ© has realized that to stay on top Of the competition and keep the customers, it has to be more than a themed restaurant but it has to create an experience for the customer. Hard Rock has changed their strategy from just providing good food and memorabilia to look at but providing an entire experience of museum quality collections, live sic and concerts, an engaging staff, and retail stores for customers to purchase seven IRS of their visit.To achieve their goal of an ultimate experience for the consumer, Hard Rock CafeĀ© has changed its responses to how they apply sore of the operational management changes. Location management has chosen to franchise certain cafeĀ©s to avoid risk and so the business will run smoother. They have also stopped marketing just target cities well known for their tourism and have targeted smaller, less touristy cities to avoid being hit so hard by the changes in economy. Design of goods ND services takes the culture where the cafeĀ© is in consideration by changing up the menu to what is more fitting for that area.

They have also stocked the retail stores with merchandise that is specific for that cafeĀ© only. A customer cannot purchase a Hard Rock CafeĀ© Madrid when they are visiting Hard Rock CafeĀ© London. In addition, process and capacity design has branched out to hotels and casinos to broaden the customer experience. Hard Rock CafeĀ© fits into the multiplicities international strategy. Each cafeĀ© has its own autonomy with nearly half of them being franchised. Instead of just having en menu that each cafeĀ© serves, the menu is adjusted to fit the local tastes.

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