Operation Market Garden

4 April 2015
This paper is an analysis of the plan and execution of Operation Market Garden.

This paper is an analysis of Operation Market which was the plan for the First Allied Airborne Army to capture and hold the crossings over the canals and rivers from Eindhoven to Arnhem inclusive, laying what was referred to as ?a carpet of airborne troops? along the 2nd Army?s main axis of advance. It details the problems that the Operation faced, why they occured, and how these failures led to the ultimate failure of the operation.

From the paper:

“However, if blame must be assigned, and in historical analysis, it usually must, then ?responsibility for Market Garden?s failure can be given to planners at strategic and operational levels who seemed hell-bent on carrying out the operation?. They accepted extra risks without modification of the plan and forced the British First Airborne Division to accept too many of the risks. Despite having the hardest task, they were assigned lowest priority in the transport allocations.”

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