Opinionated Immoral and Unethical Rape

4 April 2015
This paper looks at the feminist view on rape and consensual sex in the law.

This paper takes a look at rape and law, and what is considered consented, and /or non-consented intercourse? The author discusses views from the feminist movement with regards to what should be considered rape, and what is sexual autonomy. The paper uses several scenarios for debatable examples, and focuses a good deal on the court system.
“We as a people are presented with challenging issues in our lives that people face on the daily basis. Our courtrooms are filled with attorneys and judges that make rulings that not only affect the law, but also can establish changes on the decisions and choices that men and women make in their intimate lives. What is considered rape? When an authority figure such as a doctor, or police officer violate their oath and begin to prey on the emotionally handicap or use their respected position for personal satisfaction, they have crossed a line. The line that will be focused on is rape. In the courts we see men that have been charged with the crime of rape. The defense will always seem to go with the argument that “she consented” or “she led me to believe she wanted it.” Unfortunately, it is the victim that has to prove her case.”

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