Opportunltles at Aramco: There are many opportunltles In Aramco for engineer and business majors. For example, they look for chemicals, electrical, mechanical and drilling engineer because all these major help the company for its productions. Although business major such as finance, marketing and management information system, can help with organizing the seasons of marketing and the record of the market. Saudi Aramco is a big company, which required high skill, and they afford local and overseas courses that help the employees to Improve their skills.

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Also, they afford training In the first two ears to learn the now employees how to do their work and in which department. Oil well located in the desert then we can call it remote area. These remote areas can increase the salary because of the difficulty of work. Nevertheless, working in an office also can increase the salary once the evaluation comes out from the head of the department and it shows a good work have done.

Challenges and Demands at Aramco: Finding challenges and demands at Aramco is an obvious for a company that controls the most important economic factor in life, which is petroleum. There are any challenges such as working at remote areas, studying in the first two years, taking courses every three months and changing the working hours depends on the department demands. For example, the purpose of taking courses that the company affords cars for the working areas and to drive the car the employee should take course about how to driver In the working areas.

Career Path at the Aramco: Saudi Aramco Company has many Job positions and depend on the department. Every positions at Aramco required special certificate, skill and training. The first position Is called “Senior”, which required a bachelor degree, no skills needed and orking 5-7 years before moving up to the next position. Second posltlon Is called “Supervisor”, which required a bachelor degree, leadership skill to control the senior and working 5-7 years before advancing up.

Third position is “manager”, which required bachelor and master degree, leadership and communicating skills and working 7-12 years

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before advancing up. The highest position is called “vice- president”, which required a PHD degree, high skills of leadership, communication and future visionary. This position Is the highest and It too hard to reach It because Conclusion: In conclusion, knowing the career path is a beneficial and has many advantages to map out the future and to be ready for the challenges.

Also, knowing the demands of the company and of myself to be well prepared for a company such as Aramco. Aramco has a good career path and good features such as promotions and increasing the salary. All these features pushed me to work hard on my career path to have a good future. References: http://www. techrepublic. com/blog/l O-things/l O-requirements-of-the-perfect- manager/ http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Saudi_Aramco http://www. saudiaramco. com/en/home. html

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