Opposing Views on Renewable Energy

6 June 2016

Over the years, there has been a huge debate whether using renewable energy is beneficial to our environment or not. The biggest source of our energy has been sourced by coal, oil and natural gasses. Some researchers believe that there are many benefits of using renewable energy and that we should be concerned with seeking environmentally friendly alternatives instead. Not only are these sources harmful, they will eventually deplete our natural resources. The goal is to find pollution-free renewable energy that can offer a better future.

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Opposing Views on Renewable Energy
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Although using renewable energy sounds like a great idea, several people argue that renewables are not green, nor are they sustainable. The only way it’s even possible for renewable energy to contribute to production is by taking up vast amounts of land which in return will cause more damage. In order to truly go green, the best solution would be to use nuclear power instead. Not only does it generate large amounts of powers, it takes up a much smaller amount of land. Personally, I agree. This will help shrink our society’s energy system and reduce costs for everyone.

My perception of “going green” and using renewable energy is that it would prevent growth from happening. From the lights we use in our house, to the fuel we put in our vehicles, everything we do and enjoy these days requires some a source of energy and power. I do think it’s important to create a better future, however, if going green means taking up a ton of land to create new sources, I’m against it. In the past eight years of living in my city, it’s gone from cow pastures and empty fields, to shopping centers and houses. Everything I do is within a few miles from my home now and I love it. It’s hard to support a cause for change, when you’ve grown up seeing the opposite.

My lifestyle and past has really shaped me into who I am now and what I’m accustomed to. My perception now is that I can’t live without the things I have because I’ve grown to like them. My daily life and habits make me hesitant to change. Looking back at my city before the new growth began, if those fields ended up becoming energy sources, would I know any different? Would I care?

Going forward, I need to question whether I have accurate information or have made assumptions about what is and what isn’t relevant. It’s also smart to get someone else’s point of view. A crucial part of life is rolling with the punches. Not every change is going to be bad, and I have learned that you have to look at both sides of things in order to make a fair decision. If I have a habit of always thinking negatively, there’s a good chance my perception will be altered too. I’m confident in myself and know that I’m capable of growing and changing with the situation arises.

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