2 February 2017

The Holocaust began in 1941 and ended in 1945. The Holocaust was a Nazi Germany movement in which the Jewish people were persecuted and ostracized. Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazi party during this time, resented the Jewish people.

He resented them because he believed they were the cause of Germany’s defeat in World War 1. He believed that only Aryans, his idea of the perfect race, belonged in Germany. The Aryan race can be described as a subdivision of the much larger Caucasian race.They had blond hair and blue eyes and were considered to be pure blood. After pointing out that the Jews were a minority in Germany, it was easy for Hitler to convince the people that the Jews were aliens in the country. After convincing the people that the Jews didn’t belong, it was easy for him to move the Jews to the ghettos. While in the ghettos, the people were beaten by the German soldiers and the scarce food supply led to the starvation if many.

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One might say that the ghettos could be paralleled to the Indian reservations.Like the Indians, the Jews were forced to leave their homes to live in an organized area. The Indian reservations may not have been as strict as the ghettos in Germany, but they both served the same purpose. The purpose of the reservations and ghettos was simply to contain the people. unlike the ghettos of Germany, reservations had a lasting form of income, the casinos; the Jews were not as fortunate. The Jews in the ghettos had trouble finding work to support their families. Eventually the Jews were moved into work camps, also known as concentration camps.

These work camps could be paralleled to the slavery of the African Americans. The Holocaust drew from Slavery in many ways. Like Slavery, the concentration camps of the Holocaust were forced labor regiments. They were both a way for the oppressors to get what they wanted; the slaves worked in the fields to grow crops and the Jews had to build the walls that confined them to the camps. Like the slaves, the Jews were beaten; the only difference is that the Jews were being exterminated as well.While in the concentration camps the Jews were essentially slaves. They were forced to work for no compensation, subjected to extreme rationing, and executed.

The Holocaust is one of the worst forms of oppression we have seen, in fact it was much more than just oppression; it was genocide. Almost six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust, which is much more than we had seen before. The Holocaust may be over now, but the scars of what happened still remain.

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