Optimism Reaction Paper

2 February 2017

When a person displays a positive psychology, he is very hopeful for the future and this is reflected in his performance whether in school or at work. As noted, his personality traits will determine his behavior or reaction (Coon and Mitterer, 2010). He does not make excuses for bad things or allow temporary setbacks to deter him, but continues to persevere (Seligman M. E. P. , 2002). Upon completion of my Optimism Test, my overall score was average.

I had no qualms about this because some of the situations in the questions did not happen to me, so I will assume that my results were indicative that others in my age and gender group responded likewise. Three experiences that account for my level of optimism were my decision to relocate, my experiences as a grandmother, and my divorce. These experiences may be life-altering for some, but they have not made me feel bad about the way I choose to live my life. Three years ago I decided to pack up shop and relocate to Palm Coast, Florida.

Optimism Reaction Paper Essay Example

The inspiration for this move had come from a group of my friends who had grown sick of life in big city Chicago. I was full of hope and promise as I accompanied my friends on the road trip down. In finding a job and making new friendships, everything was an adventure, even adjusting to the warmer climate. The weather gave new meaning to the term “raining cats and dogs,” because the menagerie of animals, especially frogs, which emerged afterward a storm was a sight to see. It was because of the variety of “new” experiences that I was undergoing that kept me optimistic.

I had been there for nearly a year when I lost my job, but I wasn’t fearful I would not be able to find employment. Had it not been for my mother’s failing health, I would undoubtedly have remained in Florida. Upon my return home to care for Mom, my daughter and 2-year-old granddaughter moved in shortly thereafter. Instantly I became caregiver and babysitter. With my granddaughter beginning preschool this past September, it’s become a double shift of responsibility. Further, having four generations of women living under one roof is often hectic and onstantly noisy.

Still, I don’t feel that I’m being taken for granted, as my friends (and certain siblings) like to imply. This is because although I have several grandchildren, I have never had the opportunity to bond with them. In addition to forming a close relationship with my granddaughter, I see areas where my relationship with both my mother and daughter has improved as well. Therefore, I look forward to trading “secret” recipes with my mother, watching movies with my daughter, and playtime with my granddaughter.

Another reason that I have an optimistic outlook is that unlike some people, including longtime friends of mine, being a divorcee did not make me bitter. When a marriage fails, there finger-pointing and hurtful words. Some women are terrified that their current mate is as good as it gets for them, or they are fearful of being alone the remainder of their days. I will admit that having married straight out of school, I was disillusioned about the happiness it would bring me.

Eventually, I had to accept that staying together for the good of the children was not worth the stress. A clean break did wonders for me, and I’ve been a happier woman ever since. Because I have a permanent and universal cause for good events, I can bounce back from troubles and get on a roll (Seligman M. E. P. , 2002). If I recognize the cause of a problem, I am not shifting the blame. Neither do I despair or make excuses, for even a personal victory counts with me.

As stated earlier, some may diagnose that I am among those making “specific explanations [and] become helpless in that one part of their lives, yet march stalwartly on in the others” (Seligman M. E. P. , 2002). However, as I don’t have this understanding of pervasiveness in my life, I disagree. Instead, I find that it’s best to make the most of what we have now so that we won’t later regret lost opportunities.

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