Options and Futures Trading

4 April 2015
This paper describes a research study conducted for the purpose of becoming familiar with options trading.

This paper describes a project conducted for the purpose of gaining experience in the area of options and futures trading. The TJX Corporation was chosen for study, and values and indexes of its stock during the period from 2/11/2002 to 5/10/2002 were examined and analyzed. Predictions for future trends are made.
“The purpose of this project was to become familiar with options trading. Options offer an excellent opportunity for small funded investors to buy stocks that they normally would not have been able to due to funding, while minimizing their risk at the same time. Options trading reacts much differently in a bear market. For the purposes of this study, all options chosen were in a general uptrend. It may be noted that TJX was in a bull trend during the dates of the study, but immediately after turned into a bear trend. This may effect the accuracy of my future trend predictions, as compared to the actual. All options in this study had an exercise date of June 20, 2002. ”

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