4 April 2015
Examining adaptation, coloring, threats to, tool use, solitariness, breeding, conservation efforts.

The orangutan has been studied in its natural environment since 1712 when the Englishman Captain Daniel Beekman visited South Borneo. In 1776, the first orangutans reached Europe. They had been brought to Amsterdam for the natural science collection of Prince William V, and soon more followed. Studying the orangutan in its natural environment has not been easy however, because the red ape is the most solitary and elusive of the primates.

As late as the early 1960s, Tom Harisson, curator of the Sarawak Museum, first pointed out the sorry predicament of the orangutans (they were being shot and sold as museum specimens). Even by this time, next to nothing was known about their private lives. In terms of primary research, it is only since the great field studies initiated in Borneo and Sumatra by such inspired..

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