Movie Analysis Paper Do you want us to provide feedback on your paper? _X (This decision will not impact your grade in any way. ) Name of the movie: Ordinary People (1980) Yes No, thank you Please watch the movie and then answer each of the following questions: 1 . Whlch of the labels discussed In class (e. g.. Dr. Dippy. Dr. Wonderful. etc. ) best describes the mental health professional in your movie? Why? If you believe more than one label applies, that’s fine, just explain. If your movie has more than one mental health professional, please pick one to write about. In this movie, Dr.

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Berger is the psychiatrist. The label of “Dr. Wonderful” best describes him. In his first meeting with his patient Conrad, he comes off very patient and interested in helping him. He is very straightforward and a wise man. After Conrad has a meltdown after finding out his friend committed suicide, he calls Dr. Berger very late at night and says he needs see him. They meet at his office and have a session. It seems like Dr. Berger has endless time for his patient Conrad. He tells Conrad that he is his friend and that he can always count on him. After watching this film, and reading reviews about It, Dr.

Bergers portrayal as a psychiatrist Is a great one. (http:/mww. smcm. edu/ rivergazette/archlves/Wlnter09/psychology. html) 2. Is the pauenucllent portrayed as someone who Is socially awkward or generally Incompetent? Explain using 2 examples from the movie. Socially awkward: During the first few scenes, Conrad Is at school and during class he is socially awkward and sits alone during lunch, Every time he is around his friends he is very quiet and awkward. The only person he is not socially awkward around is this girl ho he met during his stay at the hospital.

During his first few sessions with Dr. Berger, Conrad acts very Jumpy and nervous. Eventually he does warm up and is very open and comfortable around him. & Incompetent: Conrad is not able to manage different aspects of his life

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due to his condition. He quit the swim team because he couldnt handle the fact his brother (who had passed away) excelled in it. ‘Of3 learn about the disorder and then answer the following questions. You must use a credible resource A ) How does the movie represent the disorder accurately? Explain using an example rom the movie.

Conrad suffers from depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Survivor’s Guilt (http://academicportfolio-sudipa. blogspot. com/2007/09/ordinary- people-movie-dysfunctional. html). According to Dr. Kathleen Nader, author of books on child and adult trauma, “survivors guilt” happens when someone feels guilty for surviving when others were killed or injured or if they were unable to save others. Nader also writes that not resolving guilt or seeking out help can result in mental health issues such as depression (http://www. giftfromwithin. org/html/Guilt- Following-Traumatic-Events. tml). Conrad in this movie suffers survivors guilt after a boating accident which left his brother dead. He blames himself throughout the entire movie for his brothers death. Dr. Berger finally gets through to him during their last session in the movie. The book, “Predictors of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Symptoms in Adults: A Meta-Analysis,” states that the DSM-IV criteria for PTSD include nightmares, difficulty sleeping, and not being able to having loving emotions. Conrad constantly has flashbacks of that night, he has trouble sleeping and ightmares.

He also does not have good relationships with the people in his life. In the book, “Managing Depressive Symptoms in Substance Abuse Clients During Early Recovery,” it lists the diagnostic criteria for depression. Some symptoms include insomnia excessive guilt, and unintentional weight loss. From this book I also saw that depression is a symptom of another mental disorder. PTSD is a psychiatric disorder in which depression can play a big part in. Symptoms include all mentioned before and social and interpersonal withdrawal. It seems Conrad had all of these ymptoms.

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