Ordinary Wolves Essay Sample

8 August 2017

Kantner tracks a male child named Cutuk. an Alaskan name and his bouldery journey into maturity set against the Alaskan wilderness. It inside informations the calamity and comedy of one boys coming of age in the unforgiving wilderness with his male parent. an creative person and siblings. His male parent instilled the dorsum to the land doctrine and Cutuk learns all the traditional accomplishments necessary for populating off the tundra and develops a love for wolves. Even though Cutuk is white he reveres the traditional Alaskan native’s ways desiring. like them. to be a great huntsman. Yet remains an foreigner so there was a extremist alteration that happen in the 70’s that alterations everything he holds affectionately. His autochthonal neighbours begin to merchandise in their dog sleds for snowmobiles doing him see everything really otherwise. He goes on to seek life in Anchorage and discovers a whole different universe where he needs to larn a whole new set of survival accomplishments.

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In this fresh Kantner show dramatic Communions between worlds and the wild. along with amusing incidents of civilization daze and the hunt for significance.

The writer shows many aspects of Alaskan life and wilderness that show the joy and hurting of being for all dwellers of the Alaskan wilderness. Role theoretical accounts for Cutuk were his male parent. Abe and Enuk Wolfglove. an old Eskimo huntsman whose profound experience and cognition of the wilderness is unrivaled in Cutuk’s eyes. As a yellow haired foreigner in Eskimo district. Cutuk feels threatened and challenged to turn out his strength. He tries unrelentingly to model himself into something he is non able to go. his ideal of a hero/hunter. Kantner takes readers on an inspiring and eye-opening expedition from the artic outback to the smog-filled metropolis and back once more as Cutuk takes the journey of life and nature.

When reading this novel I could see many sociological facets that I could use diffusion which is the spread of innovation or find from one country to another. this was shown when the Eskimo’s began utilizing snowmobiles alternatively of dog sleds. Cutuk tried cultural diffusion to derive apprehension of the Eskimo’s cultural features from his to theirs. Alienation was something felt by Cutuk when he attempted to model himself into something that he could non go. Culture daze was amusing in the novel but to some it gives them a sense of freak out and in some instances causes violent behaviour. Positive ethnocentrism. Cutuk’s loyalties to his friend was traveling. but believing that their manner was better I saw as a negative ethnocentrism.

While reading. I besides thought of environmental sociology which focuses the relationship between human societies and the environment. The end of this is non to halt pollution or atomic power it is to analyze how worlds with their civilizations. values and behaviour affect the physical environment and how the physical environment affects human activity. But as a general regulation most environmental sociologist are normally environmentally active. The fresh gives a great trade of information on the sustainable environment and how they were used to run into the demands of the indigens of Alaska and in Cutuk’s eyes without destructing the environment. I could see how the people and groups that influenced Cutuk’s self-concept. emotions. attitudes and behaviours in what sociologist call agents of socialisation.

I was able to acquire a good apprehension of Eskimo civilization by reading “Ordinary Wolves” . The basic cultural stock list of the Eskimo includes a dependance on sea mammals for nutrient. distinctive techniques for runing them from ice. the usage of the spear throwster. hyperbolic sealskins as retarding forces on harpoon lines. tailored skin vesture ; skin covered boats. the snow house. the rock blubber lamp. Canis familiaris sledding. and usage of bird lances. I besides picked up on the distinguishable visual aspect of the civilization and how it was similar in certain ways to most North American Indians. Cutuk’s interaction with them showed a really peaceable. cheerful. honest. generous and hospitable civilization. That is likely why he romanticized the civilization with aspirations of going one of them. I enjoyed the book really much and would urge it to any audience. from high school to undergraduate. When asked to use this to my sociology category I found it to be really easy and gave me a truly good apprehension of the rudimentss of sociology. This activity truly helped societal political orientations to settle into something I will utilize my full life.


Kantner. Seth.Ordinary Wolfs.Minneapolis: Milkweed Edition ( 2004 ) p. 312.

Henslin. James M. .Necessities of Sociology: A Down to Earth Approach.Edwardsville: Southern Illinois University ( 2000 ) .

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