Oresteia ( Aeschylus ) and The Odyssey ( Homer )

4 April 2015
Analyzes the relationships between Clytaemnestra and her mother Electra and husband Agamemnon; Penelope and her husband Odysseus and son Telemachus.

Agamemnon and Ulysses both fought in the Trojan war and then set out to return home. Agamemnon managed to go directly home, but Odysseus had offended Poseidon and was made to wander for many years before he was able to make his way home. Each man had a wife waiting for him, though these women show very different natures while at the same time reflecting the fact that they have very different husbands. Clytaemnestra has a lover and is plotting the death of her husband, but she has reason for doing so given that he killed one of her children. Penelope is dutifully waiting for her husband to return as she is surrounded by suitors who want Odysseus’s kingdom. The two women have different reactions not only to their husbands but to their children, and each story shows a social complexity that helps shape the reactions of the women. Each woman possesses a role in …

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