Organ Donation

2 February 2017

This is a summary of information about organ donation found in the extracts of articles by Boyle (2006) and Wilkinson (2008). It is an overview of facts and opinions of people who support and who oppose organ donation. Boyle (2006) outlines firstly, on her article the positive side of organ donation. She tells that you can always find a life saving experience out of thousands of people because an organ was donated. She says that people take these experiences as a very strong reason to donate.

Many people on the other hand that opposes organ donation have their fears and concerns. They do not want to donate organs to those people whose organs have weakened because of unhealthy lifestyle. This is the reason presented by Boyle (2006). In relation to this, Wilkinson (2008) presented the concerns of a physician named Jim Tibbalis who talks about the issues if people fully understand the circumstances when they want to donate an organ and the diagnosis of death prior to organ donation.

Organ Donation Essay Example

Families really do not have a detailed understanding regarding organ donation and there is really a variation of criteria in defining death between countries and hospitals as presented by Wilkinson (2008). But he says that these concerns and facts are misplaced and overstated. He says that declaration of death is made independently and every effort is made to ensure that a dying who wants to donate organs dies with dignity and respect.

He says that there will always be a difference in opinions and views when it is permissible to donate organs. But he suggests that giving an individual who wants to donate organs the choice on how and what they wish to donate could show respect to the person as well as addressing the community’s concerns on organ donation. This essay has given a brief summary of the main ideas presented by Boyle (2006) and Wilkinson (2008). It has stated the different reasons why and when should a person donate organs.

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