Organisational Values case study on Poundland

7 July 2016

Organizational values serve many purposes. It sets the tone of the environment, bonds people together, facilitates work behaviour and achievement of shared goals. It also represent the ambitions that people hold for the organization as a living system because values define who and what each person has to offer as a human being to the overall enterprise. Organizational values have been shown to be critical variables in the decision by firms to adopt environmental initiatives.

The first author says that the organizational value set the tone of the environment. The value thus has an influence around the individual making a healthy environment around him and binds people. The second author says that the values are critical element in making a decision to adopt environmental initiatives. Thus the values serve as an important environmental element to set a better place to work in the organization. Thus enabling work behaviour in a healthy manner and achieving the organizational goal together.

Organisational Values case study on Poundland Essay Example

Organizational commitment is a key construct in organizational psychology and has been defined as a “psychological link between an employee and his organization that makes it less likely that the employee will voluntarily leave the organization”. The researcher says that the individual have a bond with the organization, since the individual have been influenced by the values. This may result in, that the individual from moving out of the organization.

Organizational values more supportive of balance also reported greater joy in work, less job stress, greater satisfaction with their jobs, careers and family, less intent to quit, fewer symptoms and higher levels of emotional well being. The researcher says that the values make a balance in work pressure and satisfaction. The value increases the greater joy in work and simultaneously decreases the job stress in the organization. Thus these result in that an individual finds it hard to leave the organization. The importances of the organizational values are discussed by the researcher.

These values make a healthy environment in and around the individual in an organization. Thus result in the individual to have a bond between the employees in the organization. The values discipline the individual to make a sensible environment to work and have a peace of mind. The values give a greater job satisfaction and allowing the individual to have less stress at work. The individual have less intent to quit since he or she is enjoying the time they spend in the organization. C. ) Six Organizational Values of Poundland: The organizational values are detail discussed and the importances of values are highlighted.

There are numerous values from different organization. For this research six values are discussed in this topic. Poundland has six values and these are discussed using literature. Customers Service: Based on service related literature, the authors indicate that empowerment, service training, and service rewards are positively related to job satisfaction and organizational commitment. Empowerment is a key factor to enhance job satisfaction and organizational commitment of contact employees, because thereby they obtain the flexibility to make on the spot decision.

An effective training program also affects service providers job environment satisfaction and also increase their organizational commitment. The researcher says that for better service, and customer satisfaction, empowerment and service training are needed. It has been found that the qualities considered most important by organizational customers are competitiveness, reliability and adaptability. The supplier must demonstrate an ability to resolve the customers’ problem. The researcher points the importance of understanding the customer requirement to provide a better service and the adaptability to change to situation.

IF the requirement is received an accurate solution can be given and this will increase the customer service. This will promote the brand name, fame and reputation of the organisation. Keep it simple: The organisation always wants it values to kept it simple, so it easy to understand and follow them. The values must be designed in such a way that the least individual will be eligible to follow it without any difficulty. This will result in individual performance and in the environment around him or her. So simplicity of the values is really important, that this can be implemented easily in any environment and effective result can be obtained.

Treating organization as Your Own: Treating organisation wealth as your own wealth, this will result in proper maintenance of the organisation. If a loose happens to the organisation, if this value is influence on an individual, he or she will automatically find a solution for the problem and try to recover from the fall. So these make the environment to trust each other and make the work place stress free. Recognise and celebrate success: Recognition is still an important management tool it is slightly different.

Usually it is a non financial award given to employees selectively, in appreciation of a high level of behaviour or accomplishment that is not dependent on achievement against a given target. Recognition can be as simple as giving someone feedback on what they have done right. It is about acknowledging effort, commitment and learning, even if the outcomes were not as planned and it is also about, most importantly celebrating success. The researcher says that recognition is need in an organization; it need not be financial benefit, but to recognise the quality of work at right time.

This may lead to individual better performance and making a healthy work environment. There is a widespread recognition that the dimensions of performance are broader than financial performance alone, that financial performance indicators measures and make visible only limited aspects of an organisation’s performance. The author tells that the financial performances have limitation and recognition have broader scope. Recognition must be done at the right time and the success must be celebrated. So this will boost the individual confidence and enabling him to improve his core competency in future.

It is necessary that individual success to be celebrated in the organisation, giving him or her a appropriate recognition. Individual responsibility for team delivery: The value of an artificial system lies in its ability to maximize quality of life while minimizing restrictions on individual human freedoms. Each individual have their own responsibility in the organisation. If they fulfil their responsibility, these internally reflect on their success in the organisation. Abiding with the responsibility is very important for any individual in an organisation.

Respect each other: Respect is a thin concept we qualify for respect simply in virtue of our humanity. All who meet this minimal condition are entitled to an equal share of respect. One important difference between esteem and respect is that while esteem is clearly an important good, we are not entitled to it. We cannot demand it of others rather, it must be freely given if is to be genuine. Treat everyone in the organisation as yourself. Do to other what you want the other to do to you. This will make the environment to have a bond between people in the organisation.

Respect denotes the belief that the self is valued as a member of the organisation, which can be communicated for instance by just treatment. Researcher says that the treatment which is share in the environment must be highly respectable and given more importance. Methodology: A convenience sample consisting of 50 sales assistance, across Poundland. This sales assistance contributes around 75 percentage of the employee in each store. The sample are taken in Area 34 in which the following stores are include, Deptford, Greenwich, Peckham, Lewisham, Eltham, Catford and Woolwich.

These sales assistance jobs are to provide customer service, shop floor filling and maintain the sales. They work in warehouse and shop floor equally. The questioner was constructed using 18 values; the questioner table was based on the value table constructed by . The questioner was classified into three major values such as organizational values, personal values and professional values. In organizational values the questioners contain six values which they follow in the organization during their work. In Personal values the questioner was design to touch the value that impact on their day to day life.

In Professional values key elemental values were listed in the table, this is done to prove the impact of the organizational value on the professional life. The collected data were then processed by the team supervisors in order to check the data from the organizational values. Then the corrected data were taken to the store manager to get the approval that the processed data were correct. In the whole process the individual identification was not revealed. The data related to the individual were collect except the personal information such as name was excluded.

The feedback was asked to rated in rank the importance of each value on a 7- point Likert scale (1 = the least importance; 7 = the most importance). Figure 1: Values of three components Results: Sample Profile: The questioner was circulated to store in area 34 and the supervisor was given guidelines to how to carry out the questioner section. A week time was given to the colleague to complete the questioner and return back to the supervisor. The colleague was very cooperative and the questioner was returned successfully. The contribution from female part was high as they occupy 90 percentage of the work force.

Almost 40 were female and about 80 percentage they were aged between 25 and 35. Since women play the major role in the sales promoting and merchandising. The male work force role will be in warehouse, accepting delivery and shop floor filling. The personal characteristics of the participants are listed in Table 1. Table 1: Demographic of the study sample (n=50) Characteristic n Percentage (%) Age (years) 21-25 25-35 >35 10 35 5 20 70 10 Work experience 1-2 2-3 >3 5 19 26 10 38 52 Tenure of position ( years) 1-2 2-3 >3 26 14 10 52 28 20 Gender Male Female 10 40 20 80 Perception Of values importance:

The perceptions of importance of values are listed in table 2. The table display the mean value of all three values and their percentage. If we notice we have discussed in literature review, there is a close weight age between the professional values and the organizational value. While the individual is following the organizational value in the organization, it indirectly enhances the professional values also. And the individual personal values are also impacted by the organizational value and make him more disciplined. The questioner is included in appendix 1 for reference. Table 2: perception of important of value

Component Influential value Important value Personal values 10% 16% Professional values 20% 24% Organizational values 70% 60% The chart will figure out the percentage of perception of importance of values. The major contribution goes to the organizational value. Even though the individual start to develop these organizational values only after they join an organization, but the impact is strong. Around 60 percentage contribution goes to the organizational values. Once they start to be influenced by the organizational value, they automatically start to tune their professional life.

The percentage information is listed in figure 2. Figure 2: Perception of importance of values Organisational value impact on other values: Organisational value importance can be understood, only when its impact is properly analysed. Questioner 2 which is included in appendix 2 shows how the organisational values influence an individual. The value which is obtained from the questioner is converted into percentage; two values strongly disagree & strongly agree are taken into consideration and listed in the table 3. Table 3: Impact of organisational value on other values

Values Strongly disagree (Percentage) Strongly Agree (Percentage) Does Organisational value influence other values 15 66 Does organisation value created healthy job environment 20 52 Does organisational values create job satisfaction 15 68 Does organisation value create bond among individuals 20 64 Does organisational value motivate an individual to have responsibilities 12 58 Does organisational values make the individual to gain respect in the community around him 20 60 The organisational values impacts are clearly shown in the table 3.

Majority of the individual in the organization feel that organizational value impact there professional and personal life. The majority of people feel that strongly agree to all organisation value. They feel these values create a strong bond among the individual in the organisation. This may lead the individual to create a healthy work environment. These also influence the individual to not leave the organization and creating a bond between the organization and the individual. The questioner was useful in concluding the impact of organizational value on an individual and these values are important any organisation.

The questioner was framed from the research work already done on organisational values and their research work helped to justify the importance of organisational value in this research project. Discussion: This part of the report is used to compile the literature review with the methodology to prove the importance of organisational value in an organisation. The core values are communicated well inside the organisation. Every individual in the organisation must abide with these values and contribute to the organisational growth.

These values will enable in accomplishing the organisational mission and achieve the goal set before them. Values exist in every organisation. Theory proves that there is a need for organisational values in any organisation. These values create a desire work environment in an organisation, so the individual feel more comfortable to work. These values promote extraordinary customer care, motivates the individual and enabling the individual to more productive There should be good communication while defining these values, so they reach the entire individual in an organization.

If the effort is poor in discussing the organisational values to the individual, this may result in the bad performance of the individual in the organisation. So these values must be communicated properly with high priority to entire individual in the organisation. This will lead the employee to maintain the organised work environment and the performance of the individual will not be affected. The researcher have highlighted that these values will face failure, if there is poor cooperation from the management and lack of transparency.

If the organisational value must be implemented fully, it must be transparent and very action must be recorded. This will enable to have a tome environment for the individual to work effectively and enjoy their work. The literature review helped to demonstrate that organisational value is most needed element in an organisation. The researched who have been listed in this report have demonstrated that the organisational value is an important factor in an organisation. They have stated that these value will and have always been a part of an organisation.

It’s not possible for any organisation to function without any values. These values are stated as the action in and around the organisation, so it must be properly defined. Every individual in the organisation must abide to follow the set of procedure to maintain the vision of organization and carry forward its mission in effective way. These values have influenced the other values from the result which is highlighted in this report. These organisational values have dominated other values, since these value have proven from review that they play a construct role in an individual life.

They can influence majority and can result in a positive mode. The performance of the individual can be improved by the influence of these organisational values. The researchers have stated the coherence on these values by illustrating that these values have conceptual values internally. Appropriate examples from the researcher have stated that these values cannot be eliminated from the organisation. The researchers have stated about the work environment, job satisfaction, and employee contribution to the organisation by implementing the organisational value in an organisation.

These theories have stated that individual in the organisation have been an object in implementing these values into action. While defining the organisation in the literature review, it’s clear that these values exist from the beginning to the end in every function of an individual in an organisation. The chart in figure 1 shows the importance of organisational values from the rest of the values in an individual life. Discussing in relation with the survey result, the importance of organisational value will be clearly highlighted. For to highlight the influence of organisational values questioner 2, is taken in to consideration.

Questioner 2 is there in appendix 2 for future reference. These set of question had in fact helped the research to find the amount of impact these organisational values have done on an individual. The values were marked against a scale ranging between, 1 to 7. Then these marked values were converted into percentage for the research readers understanding. The first question was to find whether the organisational value have influence the individual in the organisation. The data which shows that 66 % of individual have strongly agree that organisational value have influenced them.

They can be directly or indirectly be influenced by organisational value in an organisation. There were a low response for disagree with influence by organisational value. The disagreed individuals feel they were not driven by these organisational values. The next question from the questioner was addressing about the work environment. The question was asking individual whether these values were able to create healthy environment. The response about 52 percentage for strongly agree that these values create a healthy work environment. As discussed in the literature

review, these organisational values create a healthy work environment for the individual to work in the organisation. There was a positive response for this question, this lead the individual to be retained in the same organisation over the years. This trend will give the individual to have the freedom to express and enjoy the work they do in the organisation. These values enable the individual to have job satisfaction, since they have an organised environment to work. These value emerges the bond between the employee, allowing the individual to have an internally bond with organisation.

The response from the result shows that 64 percentage of individual who took part in the survey feel they create a bond within the individual in the organisation. This is a positive response for the management team; because when the individual feel they have the bond with the organization then it’s easy to manage these individual in the organisation. The contribution from each individual will be high and the performance of the individual will be better. So the organisational values have a major role to play in an organisation. These organisational values also motivate individual in an organisation.

The individual in the organisation will experience the pulling factor, driving them towards the organisation. When this question was put forward to the individual in Poundland, 58 percentage of individual feel they are been motivated by these values. This factor have improved the individual performance while working toward the organisation mission and accomplishing the goal. Thus this survey response helps this research to state that organisational values have a major role to play in an organisation. These values contribute directly and indirectly to the organisations growth.

These values influence an individual in an organisation and the individual performance will be change based on these values. These values set a tone of working environment, enabling the individual to enjoy the time they spend in the organisation. The individual have less tendency to leave the organisation and giving the organisation support and working together to achieve the common organisational goal. Conclusions and Recommendations: This report has covered the research aim and objective. This report has highlighted the importance of organisational value in any organisation.

The need for organisational value is critically analysed in this report. Literature review has help to highlight some valuable research work on organizational value and stress on their importance. The research works have proven the need for organisational value in an organisation. These values have enabled the work environment to move forward on a positive note and bind the individual with the organisation. The report also critically analysed the six values of Poundland, highlight why the six values might impact the organisation. Survey was helpful in this report to prove the need for organisational value in an organisation.

The percentage was calculated to figure out the clear picture, the need for these values. Thus organisational value helps to set the tone of environment and bond people together in an organisation. These values make a bond between the organisation and the individual and resulting in individual better performance. Thus these values are always needed for any organisation to accomplish their goal and move in the path of success. Recommendation is done using the gather information which has been published in the earlier part of the report.

The organisational value must be designed as simple, so every individual in the organisation can afford to implement in their work. The values must be designed such a manner that it influence the individual to productive and process good habit in life. Since the individual contribute to the organisation and the community around him or her, these values must be having strong impact. This report will conclude with proven information that, organisational value has a major role to play in an organisation and it’s very essential to have a quality values in every organisation.

These values will help the organisation to accomplish its goal and carry forward their mission. References and bibliography: Berkhout, T. & Rowlands, I. H. , September 2007. The Voluntary Adoption of Green Electricity By Ontario-Based Companies: The Importance of Organizational Values and Organizational Context. Organization & Environment, Volume 20(Number 3), pp. pp. 281-303. Boezeman, E. J. & Ellemers, N. , January 2008. Pride and respect in volunteers’ organizational commitment. European Journal of Social Psychology, Volume 38(Number 1), pp. pp. 159-172. Burke, R. J. , 2002.

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pp. 35-39. Williams, S. , 2002. Strategic planning and organizational values: links to alignment. Human Resource Development International, Volume 5(2), pp. pp. 217-233. APPENDIX: Appendix 1: Questioner will help to find the most important values from the sample data. Questioner 1: Tick the box, which you feel is relevant to the question. Kindly tick only one box for one question. Impact Organisational Values Professional Values Personal Values Which of the values had influence you the most Which of these values have you considered the most important value in your life

Which value have been tough to adopt Which value had changed you in your community Which value had balanced your responsibilities Appendix 2: Questioner 2: Values Strongly disagree 1 2 3 4 5 6 Strongly agree 7 Does Organisational value influence other values Does organisation value created healthy job environment Does organisational values create job satisfaction Does organisation value create bond among individuals Does organisational value motivate an individual to have responsibilities Does organisational values make the individual to gain respect in the community around him

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