Organization and Behavior Essay Sample

9 September 2017

“Organizational behavior is a field of survey that investigates the impact that persons. groups and construction have on behaviors within organisation for the intent of using such cognition toward bettering an organization’s effectivity. ” – Stephen P. Robbins ( Magicman. 2011 ) . An organisation has its ain different types in which are set up to function figure of intents and to run into a assortment of demands. It comes in all signifiers. form. and sizes and considered to hold MOPS.

Analyzing Organization and Behaviour enables the approaching directors. which are the concern pupils. to go more competitory and effectual at their hereafter occupations. It is besides an of import construct for any organisation. since it deals with the three determiners of behaviour in an organisation: Persons. Groups. and Structure. Analyzing this construct will assist the organisation to better and alter the persons. groups and organisational behaviour to achieve each ends. Organizational Structure and Culture

* Organization does non be independently but is unfastened to.

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and in continual interaction with. the broader external environment of which it is portion. * A major determiner of an organization’s construction is its civilization. * The permeant nature of civilization in footings of both external influences and ‘how things are done around here’ and common values. beliefs and attitudes will hold a important consequence on organisational procedures including the design of construction. * The construction of work organisations besides involves the wider context of social constructions and civilizations.

1. 1 Compare and contrast different organisational construction and civilization. As portion of this research. we were informed to detect and measure the public presentation of the two popular fast nutrient ironss viz. : Jollibee and McDonalds. Therefore. the undermentioned diagrams and charts are the consequence of the said rating.

Figure 1 Hierarchal Structure of McDo

Figure 2 Hierarchal Structure of Jollibee

Given the diagrams above. it is clear that both companies have formal organisational constructions. However. there are some differences between them.

Explain the differences between two different organisation structures/charts. M2 Both companies are similar in that they do understand and pattern employee authorization although the grade of success may change. The authorization provides the footing for a more participative civilization. Employees are tasked in smaller groups to take on challenge to work out jobs. However. Mcdonalds seems to hold a taller hierarchy than Jollibee’s. This is because of their signifier of concern is said to be franchised and so they have their proprietor operator and a 2 helper directors. It can be besides affected by the civilization created by the American laminitis named. Ray Kroc. It doesn’t mean that Mcdo has a non so good communicating but that’s their position where they think their direction works all the clip. Unlike Jollibee that has a shorter hierarchy. has a better communicating compared to Mcdo’s because it is easy for them to seek and speak easy to the upper and lower places. It besides tackles less clip to pass on with one another.

Second is the span of control. Jollibee has a few span of direction compared to Mcdo. which gives a strong grade of decentalisation within the degrees of its hierarchy.

1. 2 Explain how the relationship between an organization’s construction and civilization can impact on the public presentation of the concern.

Figure [ 3 ] Span of Control

Impact of Culture and Structure on the public presentation

Jollibee’s civilization is said to be a Filipino civilization since it was founded by Tony Tan. It was really originated in the Philippines. hence. the manner of how Jollibee service and handle the clients is really different from others. While Mcdo. has its ain civilization depending on the laminitis that gave influence to its direction. Some Mcdo mercantile establishments abroad have this policy ‘self-service’ that clients have to clean their tabular arraies after repast. where in fact. it is an opposite manner here in the state that being hospitable is nurtured among Filipinos. Based on the construction of both companies. Jollibee has a flatter hierarchy compared to Mcdo. which means that holding a shorter or flatter hierarchy is better in communicating. less clip in seeking one another and most significantly is holding a closer relationship. The higher the hierarchy. the worse communicating it can make and hold a non so close relationship. In decision to this. the impact in the public presentation is rather bad. For illustration. the company has a meeting to discourse about new thoughts on how to better the development of the company. But because of the impact of civilization and construction. there may be some employees who are non are able to fall in the meeting because they belong in the lower degree of the company and merely the leaders have to be in the meeting. This is a kind of bad public presentation because it two caputs is better than one caput.

Example of an organisation whose civilization affected its concern public presentation and explains why it happened. M1

The ENRON Company

Before registering for bankruptcy in 2001. Enron Corporation was one of the largest incorporate natural gas and electricity companies in the universe. It marketed natural gas liquids worldwide and operated one of the largest natural gas transmittal systems in the universe. numbering more than 36. 000 stat mis. It was besides one of the largest independent developers and manufacturers of electricity in the universe. functioning both industrial and emerging markets. Enron was besides a major provider of solar and air current renewable energy worldwide. managed the largest portfolio of natural gas-related hazard direction contracts in the universe. and was one of the world’s biggest independent oil and gas

geographic expedition companies. In North America. Enron was the largest sweeping seller of natural gas and electricity. Enron pioneered advanced trading merchandises. such as gas hereafters and conditions hereafters. significantly overhauling the public-service corporations industry. After a rush of growing in the early 1990s. the company ran into troubles. The magnitude of Enron’s losingss was hidden from shareholders. The company folded after a failed amalgamation trade with Dynegy Inc. in 2001 brought to visible radiation monolithic fiscal finagling. The company had ranked figure seven on the Fortune 500. and its failure was the biggest bankruptcy in American history. ( Advameg. Inc. . 2013 )

But what is the ground why Enron failed? Enron’s executives’ attending was clearly focused on net incomes. power. greed. and influence. They want their employees to concentrate on today’s bottom line and to be cleverer than the competition. These influences created a break-the-rules and win-at-all-cost civilization that resulted in unethical or illegal effects among the company. It was revealed that executives were blow uping the stock monetary value through legion techniques and misdirecting public statement. They even described technological accomplishments of Enron that do non truly be and boasted about the value and fiscal public presentation of the company even though it is non true. Everything was a prevarication and did that deliberately to blow up the stock monetary value merely to gain the money from it and maintain it to themselves.

1. 3Discuss the factors which influence single behaviour at work.

Individual Differences at the Workplace

Percept – The act or module of groking by agencies of the senses or of the head ; knowledge ; understanding. The manner you see the universe.

Attitudes – Are determinates of behaviour because they are linked with perceptual experience. personality. feelings. and motive.

Personalities – General: Relatively stable. consistent. and typical set of mental and emotional features a individual exhibits when entirely. or when interacting with people and his or her external environment.

Ability – a person’s endowment to execute a mental or physical undertaking.

Key Abilities

Skills – a erudite endowment that a individual has acquired to execute a undertaking. The ability. coming from one’s cognition. pattern. aptitude. and to make something good ( Alino. 2013 ) PAPAS is the chief factors that affect the behaviour of the people in a certain company. This is where they learn to accept each and everyone’s personalities. attitudes and diversenesss. Figure 4 Individual Differences

In add-on to the above. if a pupil is able to depict or flesh out his reply with illustrations or illustrations from the workplace. M3

Since we have already 2 companies. we did non acquire merely the information but besides we observed how they collaborate with one another. how they treat their clients and every bit good as how they manage themselves inside the company. I will be utilizing McDonalds to exemplify their behaviour through numbering their smilings and salutations to their clients. Note: the observation had been done during McDonald’s rush hr which is 4pm-6pm. Besides. the observation merely tackled 45 proceedingss and the smilings and salutations are being counted per group as 5 clients within an estimated 15 proceedingss per group.

Shown from the illustration above. McDonalds has a behaviour of smiling and stating Thank you in return to their clients. Second to the highest mark is recognizing new clients as they enter the McDo. This is really normal that you hear one or two crews shouting. ” Hi Ma’am/Sir. Welcome to McDonalds” but it did non turn to be their highest mark based on the illustration above. Last. which is McDonald’s lowest mark is their behaviour of non offering their new nutrient or drinks. They may hold their best service to their clients but they besides have this deficiency of communicating with them. I included the offering count thing because this is what I have observed besides in Jollibee. But in the existent concern universe. non everything about a certain direction is perfect. There will ever be a small job because of the employee’s indifference and diverseness. 4. 1 Explain the nature of groups and group behaviour within organisations.

Work group

A group that interacts chiefly to portion information and to do determinations to assist each group member perform within his or her country of duty. A group has this ability of sharing each other’s information but non making his/her occupation. They work together with their accomplishments and endowments on how to come up with their aim. They frequently attention and make the occupation within their country of duty merely. But overall. they have merely one end to run into even they have different duties. If pupil is able to place. justify. and differentiate McDonalds and Jollibee whether this is a group or a squad. D1

Jollibee as a Team

Harmonizing to Jollibee. they have this household civilization wherein they are close with each other. Even though sometimes they encounter some jobs. the director has to be informed about that and so they will hold this guidance where the regulations and ordinances are being applied to the employees. This is where the director implies his leading manner which is being paritipative. He wants to cognize the job and they storm each other to work out the job. They besides interact with each other by holding a productive meeting and besides to discourse their end. which is harmonizing to the selling forces. “Alagang Pinoy” is our end to please and fulfill our clients. They besides consider their relationship as a “Team” because they help each other and give full attempts to better their quality. efficiency. and the work direction. This is true because they normally have originative meetings where they treat themselves as a household. Besides. everyone works with his/her fullest merely to run into their ends.

McDonalds as a Team
Harmonizing to the Restaurant Manager. “McDonald’s end is to function the Filipino community by supplying great savoring nutrient and most relevant client delectation experience” . They besides consider themselves as a “Team” because they work hard. join forcesing with other occupations merely to fulfill the clients. However. if some jobs occur. the director will decidedly stand out and give meetings. This normally happens monthly to them with every nucleus group. They besides interact as a household that they besides have a stopping point relationship even though they have different personalities. The employees have to reflect themselves with the regulations and ordinances of the company. The Restaurant Manager besides said that they normally asses its crew members by holding a public presentation reappraisal every 3 months and 6 months. From this scenario. it already speaks how they work as a squad and with the director who do the occupations on manus with the employees. 4. 2 Discuss factors that may advance or suppress the development of effectual teamwork in organisations.

Work Team
A group whose single attempts consequence in a public presentation that is greater than the amount of the single inputs.

Figure [ 5 ] Team Effectiveness


Goals – gives way and committedness within the direction. Roles – gives lucidity and integrating to the people of the company. Interactions – gives trust within the employees and so their relationship is tight and there is coherence. Procedures – gives the system and invention to the employees so that they would be guided in the right procedures. Leadership Styles – gives inspiration and authorization to everyone to cognize in what manner they can be productive and can take to understanding each and everyone’s accomplishments. In add-on to this. there is besides a procedure wherein a squad formation has phases to develop and ensue with a good treatment. Forming Ramping Norming Performing Team-Development Model was invented by Bruce Tuckman ( 1965 ) . who suggested squad formation moves through four phases ( he added another phase ‘Adjourning’ in the 1970s ) . • Set unrealistic ends

• Rely on merely one person’s experience and thoughts
• Resist working together
• Make small advancement
• Compete for control

Get to cognize the undertaking and one another
• Learn each other’s accomplishments and outlooks
• Test each other’s committedness and attitude
• Begin to specify undertakings and functions
• Focus on symptoms and jobs non related to the undertaking

• Make advancement toward the end with velocity and efficiency
• Work together to name and get the better of obstructions
• Use feedback to do alterations
• Find ways to continuously better how they work together

Have some trouble. but are doing advancement toward making the end
• Use each other’s thoughts
• Give and have constructive feedback
• Set. and normally follow. squad land regulations and norms
• Value person differences

Figure [ 6 ] Tuckman’s Stages of Team Formation

If pupil is able to take duty for pull offing and forming activities. eg. Arrange an interview or a study questionnaire is conducted with squad members ( at least 2 ) necessitating be aftering & A ; managing and organisation ( supported with grounds ) . ( D2 ) |

Figure [ 7 ] Interview at McDonalds

Figure [ 8 ] Interview at Jollibee

4. 3 Evaluate the impact of engineering on squad operation within a given organisation.

The impact of engineering on squads is the new forms of work. affects formation and construction of groups. It will act upon where and how people interact. The chief intent of engineering is to do the work easier. simpler and non clip devouring for every company. It is non merely helpful ; it is besides quotable and is better in doing merchandises. The advantage of engineering in McDonalds is to work easy within a short period of clip. They have cashier Po. where the teller presses the orders of the clients which is recorded together with the stock lists. Second is the bill of fare board where the list of dish is posted with monetary value. This will assist the clients to take easy their preferred nutrient while waiting in the line. Next is the talker from the thrust thru. This is a good manner of selling because non all clients have the clip to dine in but to order thru drive-thru. It’s more accessible and faster than taking your order indoors. But these engineerings sometimes vary due to some proficient jobs. The talker used in drive-thru is non that sufficient in acquiring the orders from the clients ; it is non that clear plenty because the crews indoors do non hear clearly the orders and sometimes jerky. This besides consequences misconstruing between the crews and clients.

Bettering public presentation by following engineering

As clip base on ballss by. engineering besides changes. To better the company. new public presentation prosodies should be applied. I would propose a touch screen method where the possible clients ( specifically to those who have recognition cards ) will be able to order their nutrient and merely pay through recognition cards afterwards. This could be convenient and suiting to everyone that can do the mean dealing of three to four seconds faster for each client. Furthermore. the company will non hold to pay the cashier’s wage. alternatively they will merely utilize touch screen computing machines. In add-on to this. I will besides propose a construct of “service with smiling all the time” within the employees. In footings of engineering. I would propose a CCTV camera concentrating the crews to demo if they are smiling to the clients. If they do smile. there is this soft and smooth melody coming out from the camera that uplifts the crews’ assurance and show that they are being recognized. Showing a positive personality from the crews will besides convey out the positive mentality from the clients.


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