Organizational Analysis

4 April 2015
An analysis of Scioto Paint Valley Mental Health Center, an agency tied to multiple common and education terms of organizations and groups.

The following paper examines intensive case management which is part of a two-tier system. One tier involves intensive case management while the other tier involves partial hospitalization with youths. The writer discusses issues such as holons, entrophy, four energy functions, organizational theories, leadership, power and control, differentiation and goal direction.
“Power and control seems to be held by this agency also. Power is defined in the book as “the system’s potential to achieve its goals by the application or deprivation of energy to another system or component (Anderson, Carter, & Lowe, p.120). Control is seen as steering and regulation (p.121). The system of SPVMHC seems to have much pull in decisions within the community and a lot of power to refer people to other organizations. SPVMHC can steer an individual anywhere from the court system to therapeutic group homes. I have seen a social worker with the final say in whether an individual will spend three months in jail or be released with counseling session to the agency.
Leadership seems to be rather effective in the different systems of the agency, and as I said above the leadership is much from the top down in a hierarchical fashion. These leaders tend to utilize a mix between x and y managerial styles. Also, I am beginning to pick up on some leaders who may not be part of high level of management. For example, there is the all-powerful secretary and the relative of the main supervisor. They seem to be non-credential leaders who are looked up to for what strings they can pull and whom they know. It will be interesting to see more of these people may be as I spend time with the agency.

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