Organizational Behavior Revision Sheet

8 August 2016

How can a manager become a supportive communicator? 2) Discuss four ways to reduce misinterpretations when communicating with people from a different culture. 3) Describe the communication process. Explain the parts of this process. Case 1 Your company’s HR director is a believer in trait theories of leadership. He believes that he can differentiate leaders from non-leaders by focusing on personal qualities and characteristics. He asks for your expertise in helping him to apply trait theory to leadership selection within your company.

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Organizational Behavior Revision Sheet
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When selecting individuals for leadership positions, trait theory suggests that which of the following is least helpful for identifying leaders? A) Extraversion B) Conscientiousness C) Openness to experience D) Agreeableness E) Ambition Case 2 The HR director plans to promote Lawrence, a highly extroverted manager with a great deal of assertiveness. The director believes that because of his innate characteristics, Lawrence will be highly effective at helping the company achieve its production goals. You advise the director against this decision because.

Research has identified emotional stability as the strongest predictor of leadership effectiveness. B) Studies have found that the Big Five traits are difficult to identify in leaders. C) Studies have shown that highly assertive leaders were less effective than those who were moderately assertive. D) Research has found that conscientiousness is a better predictor of effectiveness than extraversion. E) Research has shown that effective managers are often unlikely to become effective leaders. Case 3 You are an employee in a large organization.

In this organization, there are two senior managers. The first of these mangers, John, prides himself on his ability to help his subordinates understand their roles in achieving company goals. He defines clear-cut steps for his subordinates to use in completing projects, and rewards them for using proven strategies. The second manager, Alan, feels that his role should be to provide individualized consideration and intellectual stimulation. His approach encourages creative problem solving and the development of new ideas.

Most of the workers believe that both leaders are well trained, but Alan’s employees remark that Alan seems to have a special leadership quality that sets him apart from the other managers. In his role as manager, Alan most likely exhibits all of the following characteristics.Engaging in unconventional behavior B) Making self-sacrifices C) Acting in his own best interests D) Setting an example for others to follow 1) Communication must include both the  and the understanding of meaning. A) Transportation B) Interpretation C) Writing D) Transfer E) Intention

The ability to influence a group in goal achievement B) Keeping order and consistency in the midst of change C) Implementing the vision and strategy provided by management D) Coordinating and staffing the organization and handling day-to-day problems E) Not a relevant variable in modern organizations 3) Which of the following statements regarding leadership is true? A) All leaders are managers. B) Formal rights enable managers to lead effectively. C) All managers are leaders. D) All leaders are hierarchically superior to followers.

Non-sanctioned leadership is often as important as or more important than formal influence. 4) Evidence today suggests that traits can predict leadership. This is primarily due to the research surrounding A) The Big Five. B) American Presidents. C) Behavioral theories. D) Emotional intelligence. E) All of the above 5) Which two common traits of leaders are part of the Big Five personality trait of extraversion? A) Conscientiousness and agreeableness B) Ambition and energy C) Energy and openness to experience D) Ambition and conscientiousness E) Energy and emotional stability.

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