Organizational Culture at Pixar

1 January 2017

Organizational culture which is also called corporate culture can be defined as a personality of the organization. As we know personality has always played a major role in Mans success, in the same way organizational culture can play a major role in company success. Now in days most of the businesses that are very successful have build a very typical culture that works towards their success. Pixar Is a very good example of how organizational culture can be a key element to a company success.

Pixar has a very unique corporate culture that is very typical to them and it works and help them meet their goals, that is why pixar has always had success since they started their computer animation business. Pixar is a very successful company, ” No other film company in history has come close to pixar’s record of successful movies-eleven out of eleven have been box office success, and each has been nominated for an academy award. ( Cameron, Quinn -Diagnosing and changing organizational culture).

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Most people think that pixar  owes it’s success to it’s particular work culture “This success, according to people we know at Pixar, is due to a clan culture”(Cameron, Quinn- Diagnosing and changing organizational culture). According to Cameron and Quinn, clan ( or collaborate) culture happens in the company when its organization looks more like a family-type. According to them pixar is organized like a family. Pixar make the people working for them feel as comfortable as possible, they make them feel like they are more a part of a family than team work.

They believe that this makes pixar’s employees be as more productive as possible and thus help them meet their goals. Pixar’s top managers are always looking for creativity because they believe that owe their amazing success to their permanent creativity. In order for them to always be attain that they have to get as much ideas they can. To achieve that they allow their workers from all levels to always express their ideas and themselves.

They allow them to give feedback to any ideas even the ones that come from the top managers. Pixar’s CEO Ed Catmull talk about that in his piece of writing on Harvard Business Review ” A movie contains literally tens of thousands of ideas. They’re in the form of every sentence; in the performance of each line; in the design of characters, sets, and backgrounds; in the locations of the camera; in the colors, the lighting, the pacing. The director and the other creative eaders of a production do not come up with all the ideas on their own; rather, every single member of the 200- to 250-person production group makes suggestions. Creativity must be present at every level of every artistic and technical part of the organization “. To allow them to use all the ideas from all the workers in all their projects so they transform these ideas into the blockbusters movies, pixar try to create a work environment that make workers fell like they are home so they could express themselves and that can help them come up with good ideas.

Ed Catmull is referring to pixar as community when he says “Pixar is a community in the true sense of the word ” . This shows that pixar organizational culture  is like community where people interact freely together, work together, help each other. There is no silos at pixar everyone can talk to everyone to solve problems or to come up with new ideas. Foot notes:    – Cameron, Quinn- Diagnosing and changing organizational culture * Harvard Business Review- How pixar fosters collective creativity. www. hbr. org

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