4 April 2015
This essay looks at orthorexia, an eating disorder where eating too healthy becomes unhealthy.

This essay discusses the eating disorder orthorexia. The author defines orthorexia as the fixation on eating too healthy. The paper discusses what orthorexia is, its hidden causes, how it can be cured, statistics, and the dangers of the disorder.

From the paper:

“Orthorexia nervosa refers to the fixation on eating healthy food. It is referred to as correct appetite. Orthorexia is a long-term behavior pattern, not short term. Paying attention to food for a few weeks during dietary transition is not Orthorexia; constantly obsessing on food over the long run is. There are many reasons that eating disorders develop. Issues with control, a craving for perfection, and a vision of an unrealistic body image can be a few.”

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