Osteopathic Medicine and its View of Human Nature Essay Sample


Osteopathic Medicine is a categorization of wellness attention that is presently being practiced by Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine ( D. O. ) . Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine along with allopathic doctors ( M. D. ) are the lone doctors that are wholly trained and licensed. authorized to urge medicine and transport out surgery. Osteopathic Medicine is a system of medical attention that is theoretically taken to be a sub-category of “Alternative Medicine” . It was founded on the theory that turbulency in the musculoskeletal system influences other parts of our organic structure. which in bend causes many confusions that can be corrected by a assortment of commanding techniques in combination with other curative processs. In wide footings. osteopathic medical specialty. “is one of the fastest turning healthcare professions in the U. S. and brings a alone doctrine to traditional medical specialty. With a strong accent on the inter-relationship of the body’s nervousnesss. musculuss. castanetss and variety meats. physicians of osteopathic medical specialty. or D. O. s. use the doctrine of handling the whole individual to the bar. diagnosing and intervention of unwellness. disease and injury” ( About Osteopathic Medicine. 2003 ) .

This field of medical specialty was foremost introduced by a really celebrated doctor by the name of Andrew Taylor Still. who introduced this field of medical specialty as a complete rejection of the old system of medical idea that continued since the 19Thursdaycentury. Osteopahtic medical specialty has now become so popular that it has made its manner so near to mainstream medical specialty that it is by and large no longer considered to be an alternate medical specialty.

Basically the name “Osteopathy” was thought of by Dr. Still as a means to take attention of patients holistically. which means that it would look at patients with all features of wellness such as head. organic structure. and spirit. It is a medical field. which fundamentally focuses on happening the beginning of jobs alternatively of handling indicants. The conventional osteopath realizes that the organic structure has an natural capacity to bring around itself and works to grok. both pedagogically and perceptually. the manner the organic structure works non merely when it is in a normal province. but besides the manner it functions when it is in a morbid province to organize with wellness and help the patient to mend.

It is said that.

“Osteopathic medical specialty provides all of the benefits of modern medical specialty including prescription drugs. surgery. and the usage of engineering to name disease and evaluate hurt. It besides offers the added benefit of hands-on diagnosing and intervention through a system of therapy known as osteopathic manipulative medicine” ( Osteopathic Medicine. 2007 ) .

What is more is that this field and subject of medical specialty emphasiss on assisting each individual attain a high degree of goodness by focus oning on wellness instruction. hurt turning away and disease bar.

The basic drawback of osteopathic medical specialty is that the osteopathic limelight is that all of the distinguishable variety meats are interconnected. It is believed that one organ can non be treated without impacting another organ. This means that for a individual intervention the patient would hold to be examined with consideration to the environment. background. household and general state of affairs he/she goes through everyday and so it comes down to analyze his/her organic structure.


In the visible radiation of the above treatment we can hereby climax that even though osteopathic medical specialty is comparatively new. but it is still deriving popularity and is a secure and natural progress towards health care. Peoples of all ages can do usage of osteopathic medical specialty. runing from new born babes to the aged.


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