Othello 2 Essay Research Paper OthelloIn Othello

8 August 2017

Othello 2 Essay, Research Paper

Othello 2 Essay Research Paper OthelloIn Othello Essay Example


In Othello by William Shakespeare, the scoundrel Iago has many motivations for destroying the lives of Othello, Cassio, Desdemona, and Roderigo. They include jealousy, frights of unfaithfulness, greed, and his choler at being passed on for a publicity. These passionate motivations thrusts Iago, turning him into one of the most evil of scoundrels Shakespeare has created.

Roderigo a solider in Othello s ground forces and one time a courtier of Othello s married woman Desdemona is under Iago s enchantment from the beginning. Iago s manipulates him into worsening Cassio, Iago s rival and into giving him all his money to rock Desdemona. Iago tells Roderigo to,

But, sir, be you ruled by me: I have brought you up from Venice. Watch you tonight ; for the bid, I ll laic T upon you. Cassio knows you non. I ll non be far from you: make you happen some juncture to anger Cassio, either by talking to loud, or defiling his subject ; or from what other class you please, which the clip shall more favourably curate. ( Pg. 673 )

Roderigo does this for Iago promises it will do him look good in forepart of Desdemona. Iago needs to do Cassio suffer and manipulates Roderigo to make it by playing on Roderigo s desire for Desdemona. Iago besides uses Roderigo for his money every bit good as assisting his immorality programs,

Roderigo: I am changed: I ll travel sell all my land. Exit.

Iago: Therefore do I of all time make my sap my bag ; For I mine ain addition vitamin D cognition should corrupt,

If I would clip use with such a snipe, But for my athletics and net income. ( Pg. 665 )

Simply put Iago explains that if it wasn T for his programs and his desire for money he would hold nil to make with a sap like Roderigo.

Iago s motivations when it comes to Desdemona are rather the same. He uses the immature miss as the object of Cassio s desire to upset Othello. Iago besides professes his love for the miss but non as a sexual object but as an object to be used to demand his retaliation upon Othello.

Now, I do love her excessively ; Not out of absolute lecherousness, though peradventure I stand accountant for as a great wickedness, But partially led to diet my retaliation, . ( Pg. 674 )

Desdemona is the major party in Iago s program for retaliation against Othello. She is so of import that Iago confesses his love for her, bec

ause of her importance.

Cassio is a seize with teething irritant in the side of Iago. Iago is covetous non merely of Cassio s rank, but besides in the manner he conducts himself with a higher societal category attitude. Iago choler at being passed for rank by Cassio is apparent from the beginning of the drama

Despise me, if I do non. Three great 1s of the metropolis, In personal suit to do me his lieutenant, Off-capp vitamin D to him: and, by the religion of adult male, I know my monetary value, I am deserving no worse a topographic point: But he, as loving his ain pride and intents, Evades them, with a fustian circumstance dreadfully stuff vitamin D with names of war ; And in decision, Nonsuits my go-betweens ; for Certes says he, I have already take my officer. And what was he? Forsooth, a great arithmetician, One Michael Cassio, a Florentine, . ( pg. 647 )

Iago is enraged by a inexperient pedant taking the place he thought was his. Iago is farther moved to destruct Cassio by Cassio s upper category behavior.

a diabolic rogue. Besides, the rogue is fine-looking, immature, and hath all those necessities in him that folly and green heads look after: a pestilent complete rogue ; . ( Pg. 673 )

Iago cares non for the goodness and love in Cassio. He merely cares to destruct and utilize him for his ain personal retaliation.

Finally Iago greatest perfidy comes from his hate of Othello. He suspects Othello of kiping with his married woman. Iago greatest choler nevertheless comes from Othello go throughing him up for a publicity. For this Iago plans to destroy Othello matrimony by lying about Desdemona fidelity. Ironically Iago through out the drama suspects Othello of holding an matter with his married woman Emilia.

I hate the Moor ; And it is thought abroad, that twixt my sheets h as done my office: . ( Pg. 665 )

This angers Iago and merely increases his desire to destroy Othello.

And nil can or shall content my psyche boulder clay I am even with him, married woman for married woman, . ( Pg. 674 )

Iago will make anything to acquire his retaliation and experience in control.

Iago is one Shakespeare s evilest characters. No 1 is safe from his perfidy. Roderigo, Desdemona, Cassio and Othello all see his green-eyed monster, frights of unfaithfulness, greed, and his choler at being passed on for a publicity. Iago uses misrepresentation to play one another off each other until they are all destroyed.

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