Othello 4 Essay Research Paper Othello isn

8 August 2017

Othello 4 Essay, Research Paper

Othello International Relations and Security Network T a drama approximately racism every bit much as it is a drama about jealosy, conflicting values, and the power of suggestion. Some racism is displayed within the drama, but that is merely a contemplation of how most minorities were treated in the clip period when the population in Europe was preponderantly of white tegument colour. This racism was besides merely brought out by fury and choler in some of the characters of Othello, and was non displayed by hatred. Jealosy and the power of suggestion besides played a conducive function in the deceases of Othello and Desdemona, and the pre-meditated secret plan to kill Cassio. Iago s lies led Othello to believe his married woman Desdemona had been rip offing with Cassio, and Othello s jealosy led him to plot Cassio s slaying, and kill his ain married woman. The conflicting values of Othello and Iago were a major cause of Iago s lies.

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Iago had valued a occupation that was non given to him, but instead to Othello. This led Iago to cabal a manner to acquire retaliation on Othello. Iago knew that Othello valued honestness in Desdemona, and he tried to do him believe that she was merely the opposite, unfaithful.

The drama Othello was really much about jealosy. Jealosy played a large function in the drama, and was the motivation for Iago to raise up a program to destroy Othello. Iago was resentful because of the fact the Othello had gotten the occupation he wanted, and because of this Iago seeks retaliation on Othello by destroying his life and calling. Iago can non accept that Othello meant no injury to him, and will non rest until he thinks he is even with him. Iago lies to Othello and makes him believe that Othello s married woman Desdemona has been unfaithful to him, and that she has been rip offing with Cassio. Iago states his purposes best when he says:

Till I am even & # 8217 ; d with him, married woman for married woman,

Or neglecting so, yet that I put the Moor

At least into a green-eyed monster so strong

That judgement can non bring around

( Shakespeare, Act II, Scene I, Lines 291-294 )

Othello at foremost does non believe this, but when Iago brings him alleged cogent evidence this consumes Othello with jealosy and choler. These emotions lead Othello to plot Cassio s slaying and finally kill his married woman because of Iago s lies.

The values of Iago and Othello were in a changeless struggle during the drama. Iago

represented an evil force, because he used evil agencies to accomplish his ends and what he valued. Othello and Desdemona represented a good force, because they valued good things and were victims of Iago s evil behaviors. Iago valued himself and the occupation that Othello got alternatively of him above all. Othello valued honestness, committedness, and dedication in Desdemona. Iago knew this and hence used Othello s ain values against him. He lied to Othello about Desdemona rip offing with Cassio, and this was a struggle of values between Othello and Desdemona. Othello besides showed how he valued honestness when Iago told him that he had been lying about everything. Othello stabbed Iago, because of his dishonesty and because Othello had killed his married woman without ground.

Conflicting values are present throughout the narrative, and are important for secret plan development and deepness of the drama.

The power of suggestion was the major subscriber in the tragic deceases of all the characters in Othello. Specifically, the prevarications told by Iago to Othello were the cause of Othello s letdown, choler, and finally led Othello to plot the deceases of Cassio and Desdemona. Lies that were told by Iago to Othello about Desdemona s alleged infidelity were straight influenced by Iago s hankering for retaliation ( because Othello had gotten the occupation he wanted ) , and his desire to win by destructing Othello and his relationship with Desdemona. For illustration, Iago deceives Othello and state his that he sees a relationship developing between Desdemona and Cassio:

Were they as premier as caprine animals, every bit hot as monkeys,

Equally salt as wolves in pride, and saps as gross

As ignorance made rummy.

( Shakespeare, Act III, Scene III, Lines 400-402 )

This and the hankie presented to Othello as grounds by Iago of Desdemona s infidelity falsely persuades Othello into believing that his married woman is truly rip offing with Cassio.

Therefore, from the grounds presented here it is evident that the drama Othello is non a drama about racism, at least non rather every bit much as it is a drama about jealosy, conflicting values, and the power of suggestion. It is besides apparent that these three factors mentioned play an of import function in the drama, they make for a more interesting narrative line, and a secret plan with deepness.

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