Othello Essay Research Paper A SHAKESPEAREAN TRAGEDY

7 July 2017

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Othello Essay Research Paper A SHAKESPEAREAN TRAGEDY
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Othello Essay, Research Paper


Shrewd and oblique behavior, particularly for his ain benefit is perpetuated by the manipulative and immorality Iago throughout the Shakespearian calamity Othello. Iago tamping bars with the truth and falsifies events in an effort to procure power and seek retaliation. In his pursuit for power no 1 is safe from his oblique workss. His prevarications and manipulative narratives finally prove destructive to the other characters in the drama. Iago appears to be without scruples, go oning to manufacture narratives and initiate rumours. Iago is misanthropic ; obsessed with his ain personal addition. His manipulative and vindictive behavior leads to the thirst for retaliation, the treachery of friendly relationships, and the devastation of love.

The hungriness and pursuit for retaliation, the consequence of green-eyed monster leads to the ruin of a figure of Shakespearian characters in the drama, Othello. Iago is highly manipulative and power oriented, hankering to be in control and exercising authorization. When intelligence of Cassio & # 8217 ; s publicity reaches him he is overcome with green-eyed monster and vows to seek the ultimate retaliation & # 8211 ; Cassio & # 8217 ; s dismissal. Iago rants that he will & # 8220 ; hold our Michael Cassio on the hip, abuse him to the Moor in the rank attire & # 8211 ; For I fear Cassio with my night-cap

excessively & # 8221 ; ( 37 ) . At the double jubilation for Desdemona & # 8217 ; s and Othello & # 8217 ; s matrimony and the terminal of the Turkish menace to Cyprus, Iago sets his program in gesture by carrying Cassio to indulge in excessively many cups of vino. Iago insists that Cassio have & # 8220 ; but one cup & # 8221 ; ( 39 ) & # 8220 ; that would fain hold step to the wellness of black Othello & # 8221 ; ( 39 ) . With Cassio in this vulnerable province, Iago hopes a feud between Roderigo and Cassio will develop. His program for revenge meets with great success. A battle occurs between Cassio and Montano. Othello hears the sudden disturbance and instantly leaves his quarters and appears at the town square to deprive Cassio of his baronial rubric. Othello makes a point of if to guarantee Cassio that he does & # 8220 ; love thee, but never again be officer of mine & # 8221 ; ( 45 ) . Cassio & # 8217 ; s repute is shattered as a consequence of the manipulative attempts of Iago. Once once more, Iago & # 8217 ; s unscrupulous behavior and shrewd planning allows his maestro program to develop.

Friendship involves appreciating, admiting and honoring another human being. It is obvious that Iago has no construct of the true significance of friendly relationship as he continually toys with Roderigo & # 8217 ; s exposure and failings, utilizing him as a pawn in his manipulative strategies. He realizes that Roderigo is infatuated with Desdemona and accordingly he workss the seed of green-eyed monster in Roderigo & # 8217 ; s head by stating him that & # 8220 ; Cassio loves Desdemona, I do good believe & # 8217 ; T: That she loves him, & # 8217 ; tis disposed and of great recognition & # 8221 ; ( 37 ) . This cognition infuriates Roderigo and compels him to back up Iago in his efforts to seek retaliation against Cassio, the freshly appointed lieutenant. Roderigo assures Iago that he & # 8220 ; will make this, if you can convey it to any chance & # 8221 ; ( 36 ) . Iago uses his friend & # 8217 ; s green-eyed monster of Cassio as a gambit in an attempt to procure his ain demands. A feud between Roderigo and Cassio ensues and Iago & # 8217 ; s shrewd program to hold Cassio dismissed comes into fruition. Iago & # 8217 ; s program succeeds because he deceives his friend Roderigo into believing that his aggressive behavior will take to a romantic relationship with Desdemona, when in world his actions lead to Iago & # 8217 ; s ultimate end & # 8211 ; the dismissal of Cassio.

Even the most beautiful and loving relationships can be shattered by the destructive forces of use. Othello, the most important character in the drama is easy manipulated and influenced by the evil Iago. Initially Iago acts as if he respects and honours Othello, making an environment of false trust. Othello believes in Iago and is unable to see him as disloyal or dishonest. Having built up a relationship of false trust Iago is so able to go on to lie and deceive Othello. Throughout the full drama Othello is unmindful to Iago & # 8217 ; s tactics and is wholly unsuspicious and unaware of Iago & # 8217 ; s manipula

tive efforts. Iago takes full advantage of Othello’s rigorous attachment to his codification of honor and his demand for an unmarred repute. Iago easy convinces Othello of his ex- lieutenant, Cassio’s disloyalty. Iago convinces Othello that “Cassio did some small incorrect to him, as work forces in fury work stoppage those that wish them best” ( 45 ) . The manipulative Iago besides provokes Othello’s covetous nature by seting a seed of intuition in Othello’s head – the intuition that his darling married woman Desdemona is involved in an confidant matter with his ex- lieutenant Cassio. Iago warns Othello to “look to your married woman ; observe her well with Cassio. Wear your oculus Therefore: non covetous, nor secure” ( 59 ) . Iago invariably preys on Othello’s humanity and his emotions, manufacturing such prevarications as Desdemona ne’er felt love for Othello and how Desdemona ’s hankie had been found in lieutenant Cassio’s quarters. Upon having this false information an angered Othello demands that Iago, the conniving scoundrel “be certain 1000 turn out my love a prostitute ; Be sure of it: give me optic proof” ( 64 ) . Deceitful Iago so asks Othello if he has of all time noticed his just Desdemona with “a hankie spotted with strawberries” ( 67 ) in her manus. Iago informs Othello that “but such a hankie – I am certainly of it was your wife’s – did I today see Cassio pass over his face fungus with” ( 67 ) . Othello accepts the cogent evidence at face value and believes the disgraceful matter to be true. Once once more Iago has been successful in lead oning and pull stringsing others. His false accusals have lead to the devastation of the love and trust between Othello and Desdemona. Othello’s green-eyed monster and his demand to support his honor and his repute reduces him to a adult male out of control. He becomes a broken adult male, hateful and covetous, killing his guiltless married woman and later taking his ain life. Once Othello is informed by Emilia about the truth of Iago’s hideous strategy, he feels that “I kissed thee, I killed thee: no manner but this, killing myself, to decease upon a kiss” ( 119 ) .

In retrospect and in malice of the fact that Shakespeare & # 8217 ; s plants have been composed several centuries ago, is it his purpose to expose defects in the human character? Is Shakespeare trying to present a message through his plants? In the drama, Othello, Iago can be described as being green with enviousness nevertheless, would it non be more appropriate to qualify him as greed with enviousness? Iago & # 8217 ; s greed for power and position can merely be satisfied through the use and misrepresentation of others without sorrow or compunction of the impact on the unsuspecting. Indeed, is the message Shakespeare attempts to unwrap albeit a ineffectual effort, really a warning, a warning & # 8220 ; to mind of the rap on the dorsum, that merely might keep you back & # 8221 ; ( anon. ) or the & # 8221 ; smiling faces that Tell prevarications and of the immoralities that lurk within & # 8221 ; ( anon. ) , a warning to mind several centuries ago and a message to mind today? Iago & # 8217 ; s use destroys many people & # 8217 ; s lives throughout the drama Othello. It is distressing to witness Iago & # 8217 ; s hideous strategies as they come to fruition without respect or compunction for the lives he attempts to undermine. Manipulation is a terrifying and unscrupulous maneuver which forces people to set about workss they would otherwise see oblique. Manipulation destroys friendly relationships, creates power battles and ruins even the strongest bonds of true love. It is lay waste toing to recognize that had the truth been spoken or acknowledged in the drama, Othello, many lives and reputes could hold been spared. Today society frequently fails to acknowledge that the truth is critical to the success of every relationship. It is apparent that fraudulence and lies may pervert many relationships and that without the truth there is no foundation for trust and true bonding. Peoples must be more prudent about their determination devising and their use of others ; it is imperative to see the detrimental and emotional injury created by such determinations, every bit good the trust and regard they sacrifice as a consequence of such behaviors. Society needs to observe the truth in people & # 8217 ; s lives.


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