Othello GreedDestruction Essay Research Paper Thematic PremiseGreed

8 August 2017

Othello ( Greed=Destruction ) Essay, Research Paper

Thematic Premise-Greed, normally in the signifier of an compulsion for money and power, frequently leads to a loss of personal values, sense of ego, and even life.

( Working ) Theme Statement for Lit # 1-If there is an compulsion or a great sum of greed for money, power or love, so as a consequence there is a hazard of losing personal values, a sense of ego, and perchance life.

When the phantasies and desires of a individual bend into an compulsion or an surplus of greed of whatever it is he wants, normally it will drive a individual to make utmost and unrational things hat he wouldn t usually do. This greed frequently causes him to lose his sense of ethical motives, his sense of ego or perchance even his life. In Shakespeare s drama, The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice, Othello loses control of his rational and reasonable thought as he is tormented by teasing prevarications from Iago of his loved one cheating on him.

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Besides, Iago s compulsion for power and control cause him to lie and flim-flam Othello into oppugning his married woman s love. If Othello weren Ts obsessed with his love for Desdemona his head would non unknot so easy. If Iago weren Ts so obsessed with power and control than he wouldn t have to ensue to prevarications and misrepresentation. Both of these characters have been driven to move in unrational ways because of their compulsions.

In the beginning of the drama Othello is considered a baronial, sensible adult male who can remain unagitated and maintain his caput in hard state of affairss. At one point in the drama, Brabantio, every bit good as a figure of other guards confront Othello, armed and ready to assail on charges that Othello has tricked Brabantio s girl into get marrieding him. Othello is known to be a worthy opposition on the battleground but alternatively of doing a physical confrontation with Brabantio and his work forces, Othello goes freely to calmly talk about and argument over the charges set against him. Othello has proven his degree headedness on the battleground every bit good as in uncomfortable state of affairss of argument but when it comes to Desdemona, Othello s true love, he is unable to maintain control of his levelheadedness.

Othello has fallen deep in love with Desdemona and seems to swear her in the beginning of their matrimony, but as he begins to experience force per unit area from a friend ( Iago ) who is believed to be trusty that she is rip offing, he begins to lose his sensibleness and impetuously gets disquieted. The Othello from the beginning of the drama would merely inquire Desdemona if he felt leery of her Acts of the Apostless but his Compulsion over her has changed him and makes him excessively upset to move sanely. Othello begins to move distant and ill-mannered to Desdemona and she has no thought why. At one point Othello even strikes her in forepart of a crowd, which is unlike his repute. Desdemona can see Othello is angry with her but she does non cognize why. Desdemona: My Godhead? Othello: I am glad to see you huffy. Desdemona: Why, sweet Othello Othello: ( Striking her ) Satan!

( 4, 1, 265-268

) Othello is so disquieted he really strikes Desdemona in forepart of Cypress Government functionaries.

Othello s love for Desdemona is really so strong that her betrayal thrusts him to insanity and he consequences in killing her. Desdemona: O ostracize me, my Godhead, but kill me non! Othello: Down, adulteress! Desdemona: Kill me tomorrow, allow me unrecorded tonight. Othello: Nay, if you strive Desdemona: but half an hr! Othello: Bing done there is no intermission. Desdemona: But while I say one supplication! Othello: It is excessively late. ( he smothers her ) ( 5, 2, 98-105 ) Her treachery has pushed him to unrationable thought and he has lost his sense of ego over his great compulsion.

Iago has besides gotten himself consumed in greed, non for love like Othello but for power and control. Iago finds a sense of control really of import. In the really beginning of the drama Iago professes his hatred for Othello, who is supposed to be a beloved friend, simply because Iago was non given a place of lieutenancy. Because of this Iago vows to acquire even with Othello by pull stringsing his head to believe his true love, Desdemona is rip offing on him. Iago s greed for the power over people is doing him to be fallacious to flush his closest friends.

Through out the drama Iago lies invariably to Othello about Desdemona and Cassio ( a good-looking adult male who has earned the lieutenant place ) cheating. In one illustration Othello puts him on the topographic point for cogent evidence so Iago makes up a false narrative about Cassio speaking in his slumber, which truly makes Othello upset. Iago: One of this sort is Cassio. In sleep I heard him state Sweet Desdemona, allow us be wary, allow us conceal our loves. ( 3, 3, 475-476 ) Iago s compulsion for power is so great that he tries to wholly destruct Othello s head through prevarications.

Even though Iago is wholly cognizant of his uses and his misrepresentations to Othello which has made Othello experience so harshly towards Desdemona he turns about and comforts her like a good friend would and innocently acts as if he has no thought what is traveling on. Emelia: he called he whore. A begger in his drink could non hold laid such footings upon his callet. Iago: Why did he make so? Desdemona: I do non cognize. I am certain I am not such Iago: Do non cry. Do non cry! Alas the twenty-four hours! ( 4, 2, 141-145 ) Even though it is obvious that Desdemona is hurt by what is traveling on, Iago continues to surreptitiously lead on her every bit good as Othello. Other people s feelings and lives are of no effect to Iago as he strives for power and control over Othello. Iago has lost his sense of ethical motives though all his prevarications and perchance even lost who he truly is in the procedure.

Both work forces are being consumed by an compulsion of some kind. Othello because of his intense love, and Iago, because of his demand for control. An extra sum of greed will frequently take to the loss of ego or the loss of personal values. It is obvious to see that both of these work forces have suffered the effects of greed and have altered their lives for the worse


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