Othello Summary Essay Research Paper Plot Summary

8 August 2017

Othello Summary Essay, Research Paper

Othello Summary Essay Research Paper Plot Summary Essay Example

Plot Summary Iago is passed over for a publicity by his commanding officer, Othello, a

Moor and a general in the service of Venice, and vows retaliation. Othello has merely

married Desdemona, the girl of Brabantio, a Venetian Senator, and Iago

enlists the assistance of Roderigo, a jilted suer, to state Desdemona & # 8217 ; s male parent about

the matrimony. Brabantio goes to prehend his girl, but is interrupted by intelligence

of a Turkish onslaught on Cyprus. The Duke and the Senate convene, and after

hearing Desdemona and Othello testify to their love for one another, they allow

her to attach to him to Cyprus, which he will support against the Turks. Iago,

whom Othello respects as honest and trustworthy, is given charge of Desdemona on

the journey. At Cyprus, Iago has Roderigo get down a bash, in which Cassio,

Othello & # 8217 ; s lieutenant, wounds another adult male. Othello strips Cassio of his bid,

and Cassio goes to Desdemona to inquire her to convert her hubby to reinstate

him. Iago, meanwhile, sets about converting Othello that Desdemona has been

unfaithful to him { with Cassio. Through insinuation and pretended hon- esty, Iago

makes Othello about mad with green-eyed monster, until the Moor names him his lieutenant

and makes Iago promise to assist him kill Cassio and Des-demona. Desdemona has

lost a hankie that Othello gave her as a love-token, and Emilia, Iago & # 8217 ; s

married woman, _nds it and gives it to her hubby. Iago workss the hankie in

Cassio & # 8217 ; s house, and so arranges for Othello to see Cassi

o give it to his

kept woman, Bianca. Othello is now positive that Cassio has betrayed him with

Desdemona, and that Cassio is aunting his sexual conquering by giving Desdemona & # 8217 ; s

hankie to a common prostitute. Othello begins mistreating his married woman in forepart of

couriers from Venice, who are amazed to see this alteration in a adult male they thought

to be baronial. That dark, Othello tells his married woman to wait for him in bed and goes

out to walk about the metropolis. Iago has convinced Roderigo that if he kills Cassio,

Desdemona will kip with him, so Roderigo onslaughts the former lieutenant. Cassio

is saved by his mail shirt and wounds Roderigo ; Iago EEs, knifing Cassio as he

goes. Othello, passing, hears the calls and thinks that Cassio is killed, and so

returns to the palace to kill Desdemona. Meanwhile, Iago and the Venetian

couriers _nd the hurt work forces ; Iago in secret kills Roderigo and sends Emilia to

the palace with intelligence of the bash. Othello awakens Desdemona, tells her that she

must decease, and strangles her. Emilia returns and _nds her kept woman ; Desdemona

revives for a minute and so dies, stating as she passes off that Othello is

inexperienced person of her decease. Her hubby, nevertheless, proclaims his ain guilt, and as the

others return, Emilia realizes her hubby & # 8217 ; s secret plan and exposes it. Iago, ferocious,

knife her and EEs ; he is captured, and ordered to be tortured to decease. Othello,

heart-stricken, makes a _nal address in which he passes sentence on himself, and

so commits self-destruction. He falls beside Desdemona.

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