Ottoman Empire

6 June 2017

Ottoman Empire Essay In the late thirteenth century a new group of Turks under their leader began to build power in the northwest corner of the Anatolian Peninsula. The land they had acquired had been given to them by the Seljuk Turks rulers for helping them defend their lands against the Mongols. When the Seljuk Turks began to decline in the early fourteenth century, the Osman Turks began to expand. This was the beginning of the Ottoman Dynasty.

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But after all the prosperity and Joyfulness the ttomans started to decline The Ottoman Empire’s high point was under Sјleyman the magnificent, which ruled from 1520 to 1566. Problems also began during this time but didn’t become visible until 1699, when the empire began to lose land. But, after he killed 2 of his most able sons on suspicious of treason, then his only surviving son, Selim II, succeeded him. After the death of sul©yman, sultans became less involved in Gov. and allowed their ministers to exercise more power.

After members of the elite soon formed a privileged group seeking wealth and ower. The central bureaucracy lost its links with rural areas. As a result, local officials grew corrupt, and taxes rose. Also, Two economic factors that hurt the Ottomans were both coming from the Age of Exploration then taking place. Portuguese circumnavigation around Africa to India had opened a new spice route to Asia. Therefore, the Turks lost their monopoly on the spice trade going to Europe, which cost them a good deal of much needed money.

The other problem came from the Spanish Empire in the Americas that were bringing a huge import of gold and ilver to Europe. This inflation, combined with the other factors hurting the empire’s revenues, led to serious economic decline. The Decline went slowly and painfully and hurt the ottomans financially and physically. They were at the highest point one of the best and biggest empire there has ever been. Their leader sјleyman the magnificent was a brilliant military strategist and more than doubling the landholdings he inherited from his father. After he was succeeded it stated to decline and never was the same.

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