Our journey into the future begins in the past

9 September 2016

Journey is a very broad topic for everyone. It encompasses all of time and space, everywhere and anywhere. It could be a journey about a growing process; it could be a journey about an exploration. There are tons of topics about a journey; journeys are different for everyone. Our journey into the future begins in the past. Our growing process of us starts when we are born. We grow and learn until death. Our growing process comes with experiences, and experiences help us to gain knowledge. Remember TV came out in the 20s? It was black and white until the early 60s when the colored TV began.

TV wasn’t popular until the 60s, but because people could watch the news and movies instead of going to the theatres and listening to radio, they gained more knowledge about many topics. Later on in the 21st century, TV became HD. The growing process doesn’t just come from experiences and knowledge, but also from imagination and popularity. However, that’s not all; this is just the beginning! Our inventions lead us to the future. A long running sci-fi series named Star Trek that had many technologies from the James T. Kirk era has now been successfully popularized.

Our journey into the future begins in the past Essay Example

Back in the 1960-1980s, Star Trek popularized over 10 technologies such as, personal computers, tablets, remote location finding (GPS), sliding doors, large view screens, communicator, and many others! Without Star Trek, we would not even know how these technologies were used. The inventions continued and some inventions were inspired from movies and TV shows. In Japan, a long running animated detective series known as Detective Conan had a pair of glasses that could be used with GPS to track down a target. A similar or perhaps the same invention by Google, inspired Detective Conan and invented Google Glass.

Our inspiration, imagination and inventions won’t end. When we have surpassed rocket technology, our next goal will be invent Star Trek’s starship to many passengers to explore every star, every planet. The most famous quote of Star Trek is, “Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its mission is to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before. ” Now, that is when our journey into the future begins in the past.

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