Our Solar System

The objective of this lab assignment is todetermine if objects with different mass fall at the same rate or vatying rate in the presence of ar and in a vacuum. Problem: Whateffect does Earth’s gravitational force have on objects of different masses? Hypothesis: If the sand paper falls at the same rate as the paper towel than it will end in the ground first. Objective: The objective of this lab assignment is to determine if objects with different masses fall at the same rate or varying rates in the presence of air and in a vacuum.

Data and Observations: Did the experiment support your hypothesis? Using the data from your experiment, describe why you believe your hypothesis was either proved or disproved. What forces were acting on the objects dropped in the air? What force was acting on the objects dropped in the vacuum? Analysis and Conclusions: In your own words, write an analysis of the differences between the acceleration rate of objects on Earth versus objects in the vacuum of space. Be sure to include terminology from the lesson and direct references to your data.

If the paper towel falls at the same rate as the sand paper than the vacuum will pick up the paper towal because it has smaller mass than the sand paper. Objects used: a paper towel and sand paper Observation from normal mode: The paper towal was a lot slower when falling than the sand paper. Obsevation from Vacuum mode: The paper towal was faster because it was lighter to pick up than the sand paper gravity pulls down more on the sand paper because it has more mass. Date and Observation: My experiment did in fact support my hypothesis.

Because I knew the paper towal was in fact lighter than the sand paper it help me see that it was in fact which one is more suited to fall first. The forces acting on the objects while dropped was gravity. The forces acting on the objects getting vacuum is pulling. The acceleration rate of the objects on Earth versus object in the vacuum differences is that the vacuum uses forces for the object to go towards but gravity forces the object to move away from it till it hits something like a floor.

The diffecence between the normal mode and the vacuum mode is whie on the vacuum sucks everything in its path while on normal really doesn’t have a role but a huge must. 2. Galileo’s results took a while to be confirmed because the church did not allow it at his time to believe so. 3. Adding Jupiter will change everything because the mass is so big that Jupiter pull is getter than Earths.

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