Out Among The Stars by Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash is way beyond one of music’s greatest stars. His fashion, presence and integrity made him the American legend that he still is to this day. At first,he was just J.R. Cash living in Arkansas. Then the Great Depression hit and devastated rural families like his own and much of America’s economy. The Cashes restored their farm and continued to work through complicated times. Later his older brother, Jack Cash, had died in a sawmill accident. This left J. R. Cash with a permanent pain. Music had then become his refuge.
Nearly 60 years after his career officially began and twelve years after his own death, “The Man In Black” continues to “walk the line.” Johnny Cash has released yet another album. His son recently discovered the unheard studio album from a recording session in the 1980s. “Out Among The Stars” is like getting caught in a daydream. The song is relatable because of the truth in the lyrics. He sings, “Travellers get weary. They have burdens and scars, and we think they’d love to start all over and fly like eagles out among the stars.” “I Came To Believe” shares an alike meaning. The boys both had problems and were used to making them worse. But when one of the boys asked the LORD for help, his problems slowly evaporated. He was given comfort, found easier ways, and hope for the essential delight of being alive.
There’s undoubtedly going to be creativity whether he’s a singing a song about love, his home, church or even if he’s telling a story through that deep and somber voice of his. His only single on the “Out Among The Stars” album, “She Used To Love Me A Lot”, told a tale about two former lovers. Many years later he saw her and started thinking about their once before relationship. The man thought they could take up where they left off before. Opposite of his thoughts, the lady just turned around and walked away. Besides desertion, “Tennessee” is about a man who fell in love with a girl and found a home with her. They settled down and he ends up starry eyed with her. While on the contrary “Rock and Roll Shoes” is about trying to find one’s self and not being defined by another. The man’s always on the road and he doesn’t ever have the desire to stop moving. A number of songs from Johnny Cash are basically a collection of his visions. His creativity is what pulls the listeners in and makes them comprehend his thoughts.
Superior beliefs and the creativity of Johnny Cash himself, had granted him an opportunity to pursue a professional career out of what he had always believed in. He sang songs of his own and songs that had been composed by other people. But he also took his voice and collaborated with talented artists. There were three duets on this CD including two with his wife, June Carter, and another with Waylon Jennings. Any music Johnny Cash produces helps us to believe in the ability to be free and see past reality yet still understand the reality of life.
John Carter Cash, Johnny’s son, had said, “When I heard these recordings for the first time in so many years what I immediately noticed was the joy in his voice?his spirit was soaring. I heard the vibrant joy. When these recordings were made he was as full of passion and love as any other time in his life?at a true prime. These recordings have never been heard before now. So listen for him and within you, find a true picture of who the man really was.” Johnny Cash remains a legend. Whenever you find yourself feeling any kind of emotion, put him on the radio, dust off your record player, or even an aged cassette tape. The icon’s voice is timeless and “Out Among The Stars” is the latest… and quite possibly last album ever of Johnny Cash. He may be gone but if you listen closely he’s right alongside us. Eventually we’ll be able to meethim “out among the stars.” But for now his music’s the only tangible thing left of him.

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