Out-of-School Suspension

4 April 2015
A study of this type of educational penalty.

This paper presents an in-depth examination of out-of-school suspension. The writer explores the concept, its history and the effectiveness of using out-of-school suspension as a punishment for students. The writer then provides several alternatives to the out-of-school suspension punishment, including in-school suspension and Saturday school.
“In recent years the public has demanded that the public school system be revamped. The discipline of students is an issue that is often focused on. Discipline in public schools has gone through many changes over the years. In the effort to strike a balance that will allow students to continue their education while teaching responsibility is a dilemma districts often face. One of the tools used for school discipline is out of school suspension(MacDonald, 2002). Recently the effectiveness of out of school suspension has come under fire. Out of school suspension may remove students from the classroom, but in the interim it causes them to miss valuable instruction. In addition the students who are most likely to be suspended are already at risk for giving up and dropping out. Out of school suspension may be encouraging the giving up and promote student dropouts. While Americans demand that the nation’s education system be revamped it is time to design alternative plans to out of school suspension for the future of the country’s students. There are several alternative methods that can be implemented to take the place of out of school suspensions. ”

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