Out of This World! by The Weeknd

11 November 2019

Most music now a days is generic and all sounds the same. New albums lack a story line and unique features. That is not the case with The Weeknds new album Starboy. This new album is out of this works and unique to the music industry. The Weeknd came out with his third studio album, Starboy, on November 25, 2016. This album has a different feel than his past albums. The vibe is more upbeat and not as dark as his previous albums. The genre of music is pop. My initial impressions of this album were good. The songs were very diverse and not what his previous music sounded like. Abel Tesfayes’ previous album, Beauty Behind the Madness is very dark and explicit.

The album opens with the song “Starboy”. This song is upbeat and talks about how he has changed to become this starboy. The album is named Starboy because it is explaining the life of his new personality and character. My favorite song on the album is “Sidewalks”. The song is about how the Starboy grew up with a hard life but has taken many ways to get where he is now. The song is upbeat, and I like the bass to it. In this song, Kendrick Lamar is featured. His portion of the song ties in the Starboy again talking about how he is this Godlike figure. One of the more mellow songs is “True Colors”. This song is about finding out the true intentions of a person. The beat is slow and like his previous darker songs. The song, “Party Monster”, was not one of my favorite songs. The song was very hard, and I don’t think it fit into the album. It is an important song though to the storyline. “Stargirl Interlude” is a slow song that slows down the album. It almost sounds like a poem read in a girl’s voice. It comes in the middle of the album.

Out of This World! by The Weeknd Essay Example

This song is the change in the album. The songs prior to “Stargirl Interlude” are more about the Weeknd and his party life. In “Stargirl Interlude”, he meets a woman who he falls in love with. The songs following this are about his relationship with her. The tone changes from very happy and care free to focused and loving. The song, “Ordinary Life”, is very explicit, but shows how both their party animal instincts lead to an unordinary relationship. The album closes with the 18th song, “I Feel it Coming”. This song closes the album with a happy upbeat ending. He is talking about how they are starting to fall in love. The theme of this album is if you work hard, good things will come to you. The starboy has been working hard to get where he is, and he ends up finding his stargirl.

I give this album 4/5 stars. It is different than his previous styles of music and a nice change. I enjoyed the music and the meanings behind the songs. I will be skipping certain songs that I’m not fond of, and that’s why I’m only giving if 4 out of 5 stars.

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