Outlaw Heroes

5 May 2017

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a man in his mid-thirties who has super strength and flies? Not all us can live by, and relate to complete fiction. Traditional heroes have never quite served the same purpose as the outlaw hero has. Everybody can appreciate a little realism, which is why society is more psychologically attracted to the outlaw hero. The outlaw, or flawed hero, has a certain persona in which appeals to everyone. In other words, outlaw heroes are a movie’s way of projecting imperfection as a quality.

Imagine if your rough edges in life, all your problems, and flaws against other eople led you to become a nationally recognized hero? Everybody in the history of time who has broken the law (who has been caught) has been punished. Howard Pyle decided that a hero can still break the law be righteous and become a hero – Just like a Superman, but real life. There are many ways to describe outlaw heroes attractable qualities to the common audience. One would be their strong-willed choices that they make. Every day, people in todays society must make choices: what shoes to wear, what to eat for lunch, etc.

However, for the outlaw hero, their choices onsist of whether or not to obey the law to achieve their goal. Psychologically, a person is attracted to things that they cannot have. The reason most people are psychologically more attracted to outlaw heroes rather than traditional heroes is responsibility. An outlaw hero, does not have to save a city or a bus of people as traditional heroes such as Spiderman and Superman do. Outlaw heroes usually have a situation involving one human being – usually family or close relation. For example: Max Payne is avenging his wife and child who were murdered by a gang.

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