Outline compare and contrast facebook vs twitter

INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Choose one topic from the list. Write on comparisons OR contrasts, NOT BOTH. In all instances, use your own observations. No research is necessary. • Compare or contrast two businesses to determine which one you prefer; for example, Tim Hortons or Starbucks, Canadian Tire or Home Depot, Future Shop or Best Buy, H&M or Old Navy. Use your own observations. • Compare or contrast Facebook vs. Twitter (or two other social media sites) as a) marketing tools to determine which is effective; or b) as communication tools to determine which is effective. Use your own observations.

• Compare or contrast two reality TV shows to determine which is successful; for example, The Amazing Race and Fear Factor, American Idol and The Voice, Dragon’s Den and Shark’s Den. Use your own observations. 2. Week 4: Determine topic. Week 4, in-class: Brainstorm ideas for topic; develop Outline. Week 5 or 6: Submit Outline for feedback. Week 5 or 6: Submit a draft to “Pearson Tutor Services.

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” Go to the main page in My Foundations Lab and click on “Writing. ” Follow the instructions for uploading your essay. A Pearson tutor will review your draft and send you feedback. Use this feedback to improve your essay.

3. Your essay must be 600-800 words (2-2. 5 pages), typed, and DOUBLE-SPACED. Format your essay following APA format. 4. ATTACH TO YOUR FINAL ESSAY: a) your Pearson tutor’s feedback. 5. The essay is due Week 7. If you submit the essay after Week 7, it is considered late and marks will be deducted. Remember, you can drop it off at any time in the Drop Box outside Rm. 398F, just send me an email informing me you have done so. 6. An essay that is copied, in any way, from another author or source, will receive 0. 1003 / BRAINSTORM Brainstorm ideas on your topic here: make a list of 10 points; or, do a cluster diagram.

However you choose to develop points, show that work here. TOPIC: Contrasting FACEBOOK vs TWITTER as communication tools LIST OF POINTS: 1. FACEBOOK is mainly used to keep in touch with friends and family 2. TWITTER is mostly used to share one’s thoughts very briefly 3. FACEBOOK contains many advertisements at all times even if you are on someone’s profile which can attract likes 4. TWITTER has more room for viral socializing due to brief tweets 5. FACEBOOK contains only people you know (family, friends) but can like someone’s page which is equal to following them like an TWITTER 6.

TWITTER has room for making connections with people you do not know since you can follow any account and anyone can follow you 7. FACEBOOK does have advertisements and they keep changing according to the pages you like, it tries to target the user’s interests for communication 8. TWITTER does not have advertisements, therefore it is a more practical website attracting younger audiences 9. FACEBOOK was meant for communication through chat, status, sharing etc … 10. TWITTER has a 140 character limit, not much information can be shared unless various tweets are written Essay Outline (2. 5%) Introduction Strategy / Thesis Statement

FACEBOOK and TWITTER are both effective communication tools , however FACEBOOK is more effective than twitter as communicating ideas , business projects and\ or someone’s thoughts on an issue. TWITTER has a character limit meanwhile FACEBOOK doesn’t. FACEBOOK has audiences of all ages meanwhile TWITTER attracts mostly young adults\adolescents, FACEBOOK is better for relationships and deeper communication because TWITTER is very brief. Body Paragraph 1: Topic Sentence Social networking is a vital part at today’s society, especially communication wise, FACEBOOK is engaging and informative while TWITTER is brief and distracting.

Both FACEBOOK and TWITTER are social networking tool, but while they have many similarities, they are different in many ways. Are the two competing for the same audience? Major Supporting Details/ Examples for BP 1 FACEBOOK is a business tool TWITTER is more for social use FACEBOOK has a more effective and easier way of finding people and pages TWITTER is extremely customized and one can have the identity want Content shared on TWITTER is likely to always be different than content shared on FACEBOOK TWITTER only submits text post, while essentially all forms of media can be posted on FACEBOOK

Conclusive Sentence for BP 1 FACEBOOK is more effective in a way who comes in business communication it reach a large number of users and more users more people to target and to share information. Body Paragraph 2: Topic Sentence FACEBOOK’S advertising business is largely based on targeting users according to information they declare in their FACEBOOK profile. Currently, TWITTER profiles contains sparse biographical data and basic follower\ following statistic. TWITTER’S business model is unlikely to be based on profile targeting Major Supporting Details/ Examples for BP 2

TWITTER is a social networking Site that delivers short 140 characters or less new updates on your close friends , sports, celebrities, businesses, or news channels More than Half of the users On TWITTER are either in college or just graduated college As of 2012 FACEBOOKS stands as the largest Social Networking Site (SNS) in the world All forms of media can be posted on FACEBOOK Conclusive Sentence for BP2 You could consider both sites as important social and economic characteristics of certain peoples everyday life Body Paragraph 3: Topic Sentence The FACEBOOK vs.

TWITTER case concerns the two similar social networking websites, and FACEBOOK facing the upcoming threat by TWITTER. The case presents similitaries between FACEBOOK and TWITTER, as well as the advantages of each Major Supporting Details/ Examples for BP 3 FACEBOOK is the ultimate share-stop of all things you can imagine. On FACEBOOK you can be “friends” with people, who also become your friend by accepting your request. You have the ability “share” things with just one person, a select few people, friends, family, or everyone as you choose for each posting.

ON twitter you can “follow” someone (like being a “friend” on other sites) but they do not have to give permission for you to “follow” them, nor do they have any obligation to reciprocate the same. Anything you poston TWITTER, like most sites, can be shared by a “re-tweet” (also known as “RT”) and the better your tweets are, the more likely you are to be “RT’d”, or re-tweeted. The tweets of those you follow all feed into a “timeline,” a compilation of all of their tweets appearing chronologically for you to peruse.

Conclusive Sentence for BP3 The new sign of the times is everything online. Personal, professional, and anything in between is driven by the online experience. Lately, my free time has been divided between FACEBOOK and Twitter with them having their own purposes and reasons for being successful, but also being very different at the same time There are more things Facebook can do, I just have not ventured into all the areas it offers just yet; there are just too many!

Conclusion / Unforgettable Statement My twitter is linked to my FACEBOOK account so that everything I share on one is posted on the other, which is the happiest medium I have found to satisfy the people on both spectrums. Both serve their purposes in life, depending on personal preference of how to communicate with acquaintances, family and friends. For now, I choose both, but FACEBOOK is leading the race

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