Over-Nite Sensation by Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention

“You either get it or you don’t,” is one of the truest quotes ever said about Frank Zappa’s music, spoken by Frank himself. Over-Nite Sensation is the perfect album for someone who doesn’t quite get Zappa’s work, but wants to. The album is fairly straightforward compared to most of his work, yet packs the punch a hardcore Zappa fan needs. From heavy guitar solos to satirical lyrics, the album oozes everything that is Frank Zappa.
The album can be separated into three different chunks. First are a couple of songs that could be played on the radio, if Zappa’s music was played on the radio. These have a lyrical focus, demonstrating his talent for putting down and making fun of things in ordinary life. Then are a few heavier, longer songs filled with solos from not just the guitar, which Zappa plays as masterfully as ever, but also keyboards and a violin. The two pieces that end the album are each six minute tales blending the first two categories. With amazing guitar licks and clever lyrics, they’re a perfect topper to a well rounded album.

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