Overexposed by Maroon 5

6 June 2019

Pop is a very popular and entertaining genre. There are many artists who exceed in this genre, and amongst them is a popular band, Maroon 5. They have recently come out with their album, Overexposed. Maroon 5 entertains a wide-range of listeners, from first graders to adults in the mid forties and fifties. When you first listen to their album, you will be able to pick out a catchy, up-beat tone throughout, even when you listen to the slower songs in this album.

This band has been together and performing for about 12 years. They started out as a rock band, and now are a very talented five-person pop band. They have released the albums Songs About Jane (2002), It Won’t Be Soon Before Long (2007), and Hands All Over (2010) before. These albums were good, but not as good as Overexposed, probably because they have more experience, and they had more listeners when they released this album.

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Overexposed tackles love and relationship issues, throughout this album. In my opinion their tracks connect with so many lives, and if they don’t, they are catchy, up-beat and their lyrics will get stuck in your head. The Man Who Never Lied is a good example.

All the songs on this album are amazing. However, there are some tracks that stand out above the others, such as Lucky Strike, Fortune Teller, Ladykiller, Beautiful Goodbye. These songs have great lyrics. None of the tracks on this album sag in my opinion, but ones that aren’t so great are Tickets and Sad.

I would rate this album a 4/5 because most of the songs are really good, but others, not so much

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