Overpopulation In Less Developed Countries Essay Sample

8 August 2017

Thomas Malthus was a schoolmaster economic expert whose chief intent in printing a book on population was to reason against theindiscriminate usage of societal public assistance. Malthus’s Essay on Population which Darwin read ( 1838 ) was where the former maintained that more persons are born than are able to last and that the capableness of version to the environment is the ground for the endurance of the fittest. The political economic expert wrote: “Nature is so fecund that any careless effort to relieve poorness will promote unsupportable additions in population. and would therefore merely worsen the agony it is designated to alleviate. Equally far as I’m concerned. nature isun-improvable. Social reformists should hence let events to take their inevitable class and allow war. disease and famishment reap the excess. ”

Here are some statements posted by modern economic experts in favour of and against the thought that thepopulation growing is a serious jobin developing states.[ I ]

A. The Extremist Argument:Population growing is regarded as the principal cause of poorness. low degrees of life. malnutrition. sick wellness. environmental debasement. & A ; a broad array of other societal jobs.

[ 1 ] Todaro. Michael.Economic Development.2000. Oxford University Press: London.

Demographic Information


India’s population additions at a rate of about 1. 8 % . yearly. The country’s entire population is estimated to be 1 billion. India besides holds 15 % of the world’s population and is 2nd to China [ which is the most populated state in the universe ] . and India’s topographic point can be attributed to the undermentioned qualities: 1. ) the state is turning as an industrial base. 2. ) India invests much gross on beef uping itself as a military base. and 3. ) the state is a top location for research and development in scientific discipline and engineering.

The per centum of GNP ( Gross National Product ) attributed to agriculture [ as a agency of support ] is 62. India’s cultural heritage is centered on a caste system which represents the nation’s absolute disposition towards societal patterns which rely mostly on the hierarchical division of spiritual grants and occupational benefits.

There are four wide classs of castes ( Varna ) . including a class of outcastes. earlier called “untouchables” but now normally referred to as “dalits” . Within these wide classs there are 1000s of castes and subcastes. whose comparative position varies from part to part.Despite economic modernisation and Torahs countering favoritism against the lower terminal of the category construction. the caste system remains an of import beginning of societal designation for most Hindus and a powerful factor in the political life of the state. India besides has 18 linguistic communications [ Hindi. English. & A ; 16 other official linguistic communications ] . a fact that is conditioned by this caste system. every bit good. Finally. the country’s spiritual religious orders are divided as per centums herein: Hindu 81. 3 % . Muslim 12 % . Christian 2. 3 % . Sikh 1. 9 % . other groups including Buddhist. Jain. Parsi 2. 5 % .

3 Cultural Factors That Impede Change

Religion. the caste system. and linguistic communication are three factors that contribute to the rapid rate of growing in population for the prima state. amongst the other lesser developed states [ LDC ] . The caste system divides the people in India because this separation gives manner to inefficient airing of educational stuff pertaining tobirth control. There is besides the linguistic communication barrier to see in this job referingconsciousnessand a demand for the citizens of this state to be decently informed about population control methods. Finally. faith besides presents itself as a job since this is a state whereabortionis non something that India looks kindly on.


Though it is true that jobs arise from overpopulation ( around the universe ) we must retrieve what we have learned. that population ( growing ) is a dual edged blade. The right doctrine to adhere to is that of believing that for every job there is a solution & A ; most significantly that Life in this universe should ne’er be thought of as a liability. India’sbabe roaris an plus to its economic goals—the 1s which focus on industrialisation and freedom from universe debt.

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