11 November 2018

I love everything about soccer. I love the sweat that drips down my forehead and seeps into my eyebrows during a hot July practice, the cool winter wind that infiltrates my nostrils during a season game in early January, and even the never ending running sprints that is supposed to make me faster than my opponent during a game. But what I love most about soccer is being able to read my teammate’s next move in the intensity of the game. Some may think this is a result of being a good player, but actually it is a result of my interaction with my teammates off the field. Knowing their weak points, their fears, and their level of play contributes to my understanding of their next move out on the field. Whether they fake the pass or actually makes the pass to me, can prove to be a vital ingredient in winning the game. My passion for trying to understand others has sparked my interest in being a psychologist once I get older. Although I am still at that stage in life where one day I want to pursue a law degree and the next a doctoral degree, I believe the courses I have chosen, writing for the real world and psychology, are broad and can apply to almost any profession in today’s job market.

I believe it would be a wise choice to accept my application for the Oxbridge Academic Programs Scholarships. I have a passion for assisting others on a subject I am comfortable with as well as accepting help on a subject that I am not comfortable with. I try to deal fairly with all and am open to others’ opinions. I accept criticism well and as cliche as this sounds, I truly am not afraid to try new things. The prestigious Oxbridge Academic Programs can open so many doors for me in my future, such as college acceptances and internships. People who attend the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge are regarded with the highest honors, and somewhere in the near future I want
to be one of those people. The knowledge I expect to gain from your psychology and writing course has no boundaries. I know I will not be disappointed.

My strongest point is my ability to absorb what is being taught inside as well as outside the classroom. I work tirelessly at making improvements to my work. As noted by my AP Human Geography teacher, Mr. Sponsler, I graciously accept criticism, and am committed to excellence. When it comes to taking my studies seriously, you can find no one better. Writing is a hard skill to perfect, but the knowledge I wish to obtain will help me in every aspect of my future.

The highly esteemed Oxbridge Academic Program is such a renowned program that I would be honored to attend. I promise to be a student who will live up to its high expectations and I am not one to bring disappointment upon my team.

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